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How to Feed Puppies

How to Feed Puppies

It may be a little complicated taking care of a puppy especially when it’s a new born one – but this will not last long. Puppies will eventually grow up and it does happen very quickly. Take your time on how to feed puppies. Make sure you’ve given it the proper if not the best care you can possibly give to your puppy. It helps to know what to do when your pet is that young to eliminate the possibility of not being able to survive. Consider the following:

  1. Be ready to bottle feed the pup if it’s not weaned yet from its mother dog when you adopt it. If its mouth is too small for the generic nipples made from rubber or silicone, you have to use a syringe without the needle or a medicine dropper in feeding it. Use only formulated milk for puppies or you can make it yourself when you can get hold of the recipe from a trusted endorser.

  2. Feed only freshly heated formulas to your puppy to avoid contamination. However, wait until the temperature becomes warm enough that can be tolerated by the young puppy.

    ck the flow of the milk from the nipple. It should only make some drops when shaken and not continuously flow – because it can choke the puppy.

  3. Imitate the feeding position of a mother dog when bottle feeding the puppy. Do not feed it like a baby with its face up while lying on its back – instead, put the bottle sideways while it sucks facing the nipple.

  4. Do also the other things that come with the feeding like mother dogs are doing after bottle feeding the pup. Stimulate the pup’s anus using a ball of cotton. This is to make it feel like unloading. Urinating and defecating must be triggered initially to make it easier for the puppy to understand natural daily habits. Give it a rest afterwards by keeping it out from traffic.

  5. Do milk feeding every 3 hours depending on the body requirement of the puppy. You can calculate its feeding dosage by bearing in mind the ratio of 1 cc of milk is to 1 ounce of the puppy’s weight.

  6. Substitute some introductory puppy foods with milk to your puppy’s feeding schedule after a month. You can get some good supplies from the vet’s clinic. Once you’ve find the right brand, you can also buy for pet supply shops. You can entice your pup to try this stuff by placing a small amount in a spoon and let it smell its aroma.

  7. Use distilled water for your puppy’s drinking water. It should start drinking naturally when you first introduce solid foods. However, you need to guide it through it the first time around. Gently bring its snout near the fresh bowl of water that is shallow. Let it feel the water by letting its mouth be moistened by the water. It will proceed to drinking the water independently after licking the water from its lips.

You don’t have to worry how to feed puppies anymore after doing all of the above recommendations. By then, your dog is already an adult. It will eat and drink from its food and water container by itself. You just have to be in control not to feed your dog too much. If you are planning to give it a special treat, don’t make it an additional meal but a part of its usual intake. You can avoid a lot of trouble when your dog is not over-weight.


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