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How to Fertilize a Lawn

How to Fertilize a Lawn

Growing a grass turf is hard work that entails dedication and the right knowledge. Once you start working on it, you cannot just let it be without caring for it. You need to help cultivate the lawn and the soil while keeping them healthy. Learning how to fertilize a lawn gives you an advantage as you take care of your lawn.  Although the soil provides nutrients to the turf grass, it needs augmentation from fertilizers because it is not able to supply all the necessary nutrients the lawn needs during the entire growing season. Some of the benefits your soil can get from fertilizers are aid in the growth of new leaves and roots, help in the recovery of damage from pests and foot traffic and assistance in the reduction of weeds from growing on your lawn. As your lawn undergoes grass clipping removal, leaching and volatilization, fertilizers can help restore the nutrients it has lost. Some of the ways and important matters you need to know when using fertilizers for your lawn are the following:

  1. Choose the right kind of fertilizer. There are two kinds of fertilizers you can use for your lawn.

    However, you need to have the right knowledge about the kind of fertilizer that is best for your lawn. Liquid fertilizers are quickly absorbed by the soil and are fast acting. They are usually mixed with water before being applied and they require application every two to three weeks. Granular fertilizers, on the other hand, are applied with the use of a spreader and are watered into the grass. Quick release and slow release are the different variations of granular fertilizers, which are easy to control because you are aware of how much is being dispersed in a particular area.

  2. Recognize your grass type. Grass either is considered as cool or warm season grass. Some areas in the United States are classified as transitional, which means that both warm and cool grasses can thrive in this area. Warm grasses tend to turn to a brown color after the first frost, while cool grasses tend to stay green throughout the whole year. They do not thrive in the summer season in areas with warm season zones.

  3. Test your soil. Create a test that will determine the pH level or alkaline and acid content of your soil. This is important because you need to know the ability of the fertilizer to utilize the ingredients it contains. The test that you will conduct on your soil will help you determine the kind of fertilizer it will need. The best quality grass that you can grow should pass the pH level ranged at 6.0 to 7.0. To produce the best results, bring the pH level of your grass to as close to a neutral level as you can.

  4. Know the size of your lawn. Determine the size of your lawn in terms of square footage as fertilizer bags usually contain the size of its coverage. You will be able to get the right size of your lawn by multiplying the length of the lawn by its width. Do the same with the house and driveway measurement. Then subtract them from the size of your lawn as these areas do not need fertilization. The result you will get will now be divided by 5000 square feet and you will get the number of fertilizer bags you will need.

Lawns will grow beautifully and healthy when you use the right kind of fertilizer for the right kind of lawn. Be careful not to burn your lawn by using the wrong kind of fertilizer. Lastly, learn how to fertilize a lawn by asking as many questions as you can, especially when you are just a beginner, and take to heart all that you have learned.


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