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how to fertilize your lawn

how to fertilize your lawn

A healthy lawn is thick and with a nice color of green. If you notice brown spots amongst your grass field, you need to sort it out immediately. Learn how to fertilize your lawn to make it more attractive. Here are some helpful guidelines:  

  1. Expert gardeners use organic fertilizers for their lawn. Leave the grass trimmings on your lawn after mowing – it will turn into a natural fertilizer in due time. It has been proven efficient to plants. Natural fertilizers are good sources of nutrients for the soil.  Furthermore, using natural fertilizer is a good way of taking care of our environment - it minimizes the usage of chemically-induced fertilizers.

  2. Combine two or more fertilizers to balance the supply of the three major nutrients, which are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen is basically a must. It makes the grass healthy and green. The turf will be kept healthy when it is free from bugs and insects. Spraying diluted fresh human urine can keep them away. Phosphorous enhances the roots of the grass.

    otassium works alongside nitrogen to develop the immunity of the grass - to ward off diseases. A well-balanced fertilizer has an equal amount of the three basic elements. However, it is more important to determine the definite requirements for your lawn if it is crucial to apply some chemical fertilizers.

  3. You can rehabilitate a bad lawn by fertilizing it. Soil nutrients are needed for the recovery. Eliminating weeds from the grass is also essential to give room to sprouting grass roots. A soil test is ideal to determine the accurate needs of your lawn. This can be the basis for the right method and amount of the required fertilizers.

  4. Try the liquid-based fertilizer. It absorbs quickly to the roots of your grass. Mix the required amount of liquid-based fertilizer to water. Application of this solution may take place every two to three weeks. A water-soluble fertilizer is another option. You may use this solution when the weather conditions are fair. It is important to carefully read the given instructions on its package before using it. Avoid skin contact to the chemicals you are using. Use gloves or a mask to protect yourself. Also, choose a good hose sprayer to deliver a liquid-based solution to your lawn.

  5. It is a good idea to use granule fertilizers. This can be applied using a spreader. Read the instructions on its label then measure the recommended amount to be applied. Set the flow-rate tuning to at least half of the required amount. You will be passing two times with your spreader, so use the remaining half on the second pass.  This process will guarantee equal nourishment to your lawn. To dilute the fertilizer immediately, you need to water your grass. It will help distribute the nutrients directly to the roots and avoid grass burns at the same time.

  6. Determine the type of grass your lawn consists of. The fertilizer you are going to use for the season is dependent on the type of grass you have. If you apply the wrong kind of fertilizer, it can cause grass burns or death. Grasses that grow in the cool season need a lot of fertilizing in the fall. It’s their best time of the year to grow nice and green. Begin fertilizing grasses that grow in the warm season after summer. It’s their growing season and that’s when they are beautifully lush.

Knowing how to fertilize your lawn is necessary to make your grass turf attractive. Retain an insect- or pest-free lawn by spraying them regularly with natural insecticides rather than chemical-based substances.


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