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how to file bankruptcy for free

how to file bankruptcy for free

Bankruptcy should always be made the last recourse.  If you intend to file a petition, it means you really are short of resources and, therefore, have no funds to pay a bankruptcy lawyer.  You need not worry as you can learn how to file bankruptcy for free.  It is not exactly easy, and it requires your full attention and hard work.  Here is what you should do:

  1. Memorize the federal government’s rules and procedures on bankruptcy.  You can find this online at their Website. Each court has similar rules, but be aware that there are some differences.  Be sure also to notice all the updates there might be.  If anything there is unclear to you, make the effort to ask a resource person.  Bear in mind that your petition will pass through a panel who will decide whether to deny or approve it.  Nowadays, the rules and procedures are very technical, so you have to be very careful.

  2. Study the forms that you need to file.  These are also available online.  Though it is highly recommended to get a lawyer to help you on the preparation of your petition, it is also possible to do this on your own.

    in filling out these forms.  Declare all your assets and enumerate all of your liabilities and creditors’ information, particularly the amounts you owe them.  Remember that there is such a thing as bankruptcy fraud, and this is criminal.  Negligence in your declarations can cause your petition to be rejected.

  3. Attend a credit counseling session by an accredited provider 180 days prior to filing your bankruptcy petition. Make sure you get the proof of your attendance so you can attach this with all your petition documents.  This is mandatory for all bankruptcy courts.

  4. As soon as all the documents are gathered, file this at the federal court where you belong.  You have to pay all the appropriate filing fees.  You should also indicate what bankruptcy chapter you are filing.  Most probably you fall within Chapter 7 or 13.  Study the differences between these two and choose wisely.  Seek advice from a resource person or bankruptcy lawyer.  You can ask for the legal assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer from your local bar association.  They give their services pro bono if you are qualified.

  5. After filing, wait for the notice from the court for the hearings. You are required to attend all of these.  Bear in mind that your creditors will also be informed, and they will be there to challenge you.  Your goal is to prove to your creditors that your debts compared to your income are no longer manageable, and you need the much-needed relief from all the pressures that your creditors are putting on you.

  6. Wait for the court’s final decision after they make a thorough study of your documents and justifications.  This will give you a fresh start in going on with your life minus all the burdens of dealing with creditors who are very persistent to collect from you.

Knowing how to file bankruptcy for free will be a big help to you.  You will not be burdened with paying the fees of bankruptcy lawyers.  Bear in mind, though, that the outcome of your petition will entirely depend on how you presented your case and the documents you submitted.  The court will definitely understand why you have to defend yourself in court.  It further justifies your inability to pay your debts as you cannot even afford to pay a bankruptcy lawyer to defend you.  After your petition is granted, make sure that the same situation will not happen again.  Learn from these hard lessons and do not put yourself into debt again.


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