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how to find a bankruptcy lawyer

how to find a bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy is one of the most difficult situations that you could ever experience. This scenario can result from being unable to properly manage your finances, personal trouble, or economic crisis. If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you should learn how to find a bankruptcy lawyer to help you get through the legal processes in court. A bankruptcy lawyer must have excellent litigation and transaction skills. Most lawyers find the legal profession very demanding, time consuming, and extremely perplexing to some extent. That is why skills in math, writing and communication, argumentation, negotiation, analysis, and reasoning are regarded as an advantage. Bankruptcy lawyers are expected to represent the case properly by protecting the interests and the rights of their clients. To help you find a good bankruptcy lawyer, follow the steps the below.

  1. Identify the traits of a refined bankruptcy lawyer. Well-educated and experienced bankruptcy lawyers are usually approachable, easy to talk to, and don’t have troubles in dealing with different clients.

    Look for a lawyer who can make you understand the available legal options. He or she must be able to advise you on whether or not filing for bankruptcy is the most appropriate action to take. Consider the following attributes.

    He or she must be a seasoned lawyer. Going through a bankruptcy case can be very tiring since the process includes gathering papers, such as financial statements and business transaction documents, and preparing legal pleadings. A seasoned bankruptcy attorney can be expected to know all these things, while an inexperienced lawyer will only lengthen the process.

    He or she must be a work-oriented person. Find a lawyer who devotes sufficient time and effort to your case. Good lawyers are always able to update their clients on the status of the bankruptcy proceeding. They understand that clients are most concerned about the progress of their case.

    He or she must be flexible. Since there are a lot of things that can happen while the case is under trial, a good lawyer must be able to present other options. Generally, lawyers are adept to changes in the progress of the cases.

  2. Find certified lawyers. General legal professionals are good options, but bankruptcy lawyers are the best when it comes to bankruptcy cases. Just make sure that your choices are all certified to practice in your state. If you don’t have time to look for potential lawyers, ask your friends and associates for references. You can also make use of the local newspaper and yellow pages or do a Google search.

  3. Interview bankruptcy lawyers. Once you have a list of lawyers, arrange an appointment with them. Through the interview, you can have a first-hand assessment and decide who among them is the most competent to represent your case. Your choice must be trustworthy since you will be confiding to him or her private business information. Make sure to ask them how long they have been handling business-related cases, particularly bankruptcy.

  4. Consider the compensation. There are a number of lawyers who specialize on bankruptcy laws since the rate of bankruptcy filings continues to increase. Most bankruptcy lawyers are earning an average of $102,000 annually, thus you can expect to spend at least $8,000 a month. Therefore, find a lawyer whose extent of attorney’s fee is well-within your budget.

When you are facing financial difficulty in your line of business, filing for bankruptcy must be one of your options. Part of your plan is how to find a bankruptcy lawyer who can help you in your case. Since you would not want to go through a very lengthy bankruptcy proceeding, find an experienced lawyer suited to handle your case. Find someone whom you can trust with your personal and business information.


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