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how to find a church

how to find a church

Studies show that people who are spiritual are more resilient, well-adjusted, and have more fortitude to face life’s challenges. But faith is difficult to sustain over a period of time in isolation. Just like an ember that soon dies out when removed from the fire, so a believer who is separated from a group of worshipers soon becomes weak. It is important to find a place where you can worship, where your faith is challenged and nurtured to mature and deepen. But finding a place of worship can be tricky. You need to be careful about joining a church so that you can grow, not be misled. The secret of how to find a church is in knowing what to look for and committing yourself fully to the task. Follow these steps to find a good church.

  1. Know your faith. If you grew up in church and want to continue going to one of the same denomination but in a new location, simply look up churches in the telephone directory or ask the church leader where you came from to refer you to one near your new address. If, however, you were not a regular attendee before, or want to leave your old church for whatever reason, then finding a church to join will require more effort.

    You must know what it is you believe in, what you cannot compromise in your system of beliefs, and find a church whose statement of faith and set of doctrines do not contradict or come in conflict with what you believe.

    Some churches have distinct styles of liturgy, acceptable attire, music and use of instruments, size, and atmosphere. Your comfort level with these distinct styles affects the quality of your worship, so you must also take that into consideration. If you are not sure about what you believe and are looking to deepen your relationship with God, then you need to study the Scriptures, pray, and seek guidance on which church to attend. It will also be good to seek counsel from your friends and relatives whose spirituality inspire you.

  2. Know the church you’re visiting. Even before stepping into a church, make sure that you are going into a legitimate one. You can look up information online about specific denominations, what they believe, what they teach, and what they expect of followers. Many cults are experts on manipulation and psychological brainwashing, and as much as you believe that it cannot happen to you, intelligent people are deceived by the hundreds every day. So you have to be wary about churches that you cannot research beforehand or ones about which questions of credibility are raised.

  3. Know your other options. Do not limit yourself to trying out only one church. Make a short list of churches in your area that meet your criteria in #2 above. Try to visit each one at least three times, each time observing how you feel about the worship service, how you are enlightened about God’s character and His will during the entire service, and how you are inspired to practice what is preached. Do you feel closer to God? Do you feel inspired to learn more about Him on your own during the week? Do you feel welcome and at home among the congregation? Is there anything questionable about the preaching? If not, then the church probably is a place you can worship and grow in your faith.

  4. Know your contribution. Find out about the ministries and programs available in the church, and seek ways in which you can be helped and that you, in turn, can help. Beware of churches that keep asking you for money. That much should be obvious, but it’s amazing how people can be so easily led to do just that by the promise that they will receive much more in return. Churches that feed on people’s greed have less than your spiritual well-being in mind. But those with real opportunities for service and those that serve their communities in various capacities are churches that manifest a strong, others-oriented spirituality.

    Remember that churches are made up of people. And you, as a member, must contribute to the good of all so that the body of believers benefit. Your contribution could come in giving your time, prayers, presence, or acts of service; money may be required, but more emphasis is given on members helping each other out. You will grow more in your belief and faith when you serve others. Finding a church where you can make a positive contribution will help you more in the long run.

The more churches you visit and try, the more likely you will find one that suits your faith and level of spirituality as well. You ought to remember though that no church is perfect, and no church will match all your expectations a 100 percent. Accept that each church has its own personality and finding a good match will take time. Also, you have to adjust to the others in church. Do not expect anyone to be perfect because they’re not; and when someone or something disappoints you, don’t go off looking for another church to join. If you do, you will always be church-hopping and never find a church family. Find out for yourself if these steps on how to find a church will work for you because finding a church is basic to your overall spiritual well-being.


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