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how to find a date online

how to find a date online

You have a good-paying job and your career is flourishing, yet there is something missing - a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, you find it really difficult to meet the love of your life because you are extremely bashful. Your best alternative is to study how to find a date online. Online dating is gaining popularity these days. People meet others right from the convenience of their rooms. In fact, there are a number of successful married couples all over the world who met online. If you are hoping to find a date online, the following tips can greatly help you.

  1. Decide on the kind of person you want to meet. You may find it preferable to meet a professional person over a class clown; someone who is a little older than you over a person your own age; or someone located in another state or country over a person just nearby. It’s all up to you. While there are people who like to meet single individuals, there are also those who choose divorced persons since they may be more mature and relatively experienced in love life.


  2. Choose an online dating site. Before you can find other profiles, choose a good dating site. Decide on the kind of relationship you are looking for -- mere friendship, sex, marriage, long term or short term. For instance, if you are searching for a long-lasting relationship, match.com is preferable over adultfinder.com.

  3. Avoid scams. If you see a dating site that has many profiles of gorgeous and beautiful individuals, be careful because it might be an online scam designed to lure people. On the other hand, if a particular dating site has regular-looking members, that site is worth joining. Also, ensure that the dating site you prefer has a higher volume of traffic. You would not want to end up on a website that gets only a few visitors each day.

  4. Choose a good profile name. Your profile name is your headline, so make it descriptive and attention-grabbing. Just indicate your occupation (entertainer, cowboy, model, nurse, TV personality, military professional etc.), location, and nationality. You can write something like “CowboyGuyInTexas.” Clichés such as buff dude or sexy girl are not advisable since these can hardly incite curiosity. Be creative because your profile name is the first thing that other members are going to read.

  5. Create a truthful profile. The significance of a truthful, straightforward, and well-written profile cannot be over emphasized. Don’t make yourself into someone or something you are not, although coming up with the words that can best describe who you are may be a little difficult. Just be passionate in writing your profile so you can attract people. Rather than saying “I like to read books” plainly, try to indicate your favorite books and authors.

  6. Take good photos. You should have some pictures on your online account if you want to find a potential date. This means that posting just one photo is not enough. Posting a number of photos is likely to generate more responses. If you feel that you are not photogenic, that’s alright; what’s important is you post your real photos, not the photos of other people.

  7. Know the don’ts. Avoid posting a photo that contains your ex-partner, especially if that person has not given you permission to do so. For security purposes, don’t post the photos of your children, if any. For your advantage, make sure to post recent and happy photos only.

  8. Join social media sites. The most popular social networking sites these days include facebook.com and twitter.com. By joining these sites, you can meet thousands of people online from different parts of the world. If you want to find a specific kind of individual, you can try asianfriendfinder.com, a niche-focused website.

    Moreover, go to facebook.com and register as a member. Then, in the search, box key in some of the names that you like. Once you have found a name, click “Add Friend” so you can send a “Friend Request” to the other person. When he or she accepts your request, you can start chatting, share photos, and eventually build a good relationship. The advantage of using a social media site to find a date is that the access is very fast since the site itself is considered live feed.

Learning how to find a date online is quite advantageous because you can always browse the Internet during your free time. All you need is a stable Internet connection on your cell phone, laptop, or desktop at home. Besides, it is a fairly inexpensive way of dating.


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