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how to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid

how to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid

Medical services are becoming increasing expensive these days, which is why the government has reduced the payment percentage it covers for the Medicaid benefits extended to the qualified beneficiaries. Besides, most of the private insurer companies are already reluctant to subsidize public patients. In effect, it becomes a little harder now on how to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid patients. Be as it may, there are still a few ways you can try and meet the Medicaid doctor of your choosing.

  1. Make a list of the Medicaid doctors located in your area. After completing your list of doctors, mark the names that are known to accept Medicaid patients. By doing so, you can trim down the number of doctors you will eventually call or visit. Be comfortable during the interview process, especially when you have finally set an appointment with a particular physician.

  2. Search online. You can find informative guides pertaining to Medicaid doctors on the internet.

    Although these online directories cannot guarantee you a definite appointment for a given doctor, at least you know where to search and who to look for.

    Visit the medicare.gov website and search for the list of Medicaid doctors. You may also call TTY 877-486-2048 or 1-800-633-4227 and ask them where you can find the nearest Medicaid physician. If you a find a doctor who refuses you service for whatever reason, you can ask that doctor to recommend you to another Medicaid doctor.

  3. Call or visit the local office of the Social Service Department. This local office can help you locate a good Medicaid doctor. In most cases, the Social Service Department will provide you with complete listings of doctors in your area that are willing to take you as Medicaid patient.

  4. See your designated Medicaid provider. Check if your state is working with a specific health insurance provider in extending health care assistance to Medicaid patients and in paying the Medicaid doctors. If so, access the provided toll-free telephone number so they can aid you in finding Medicaid doctors in your locality. If you are lucky enough to find the online directory of your Medicaid provider, your search can be much easier.

  5. Consider going into the nearby health-managed medical provider. There are a number of HMOs organized and managed by private insurer companies. In one way or the other, they are inclined to have HMO doctors willing to take Medicaid patients subsidized by the government. There are also PHPs or prepaid health plans, usually managed and operated by medical schools and hospitals that are accepting Medicaid patients.

  6. Don’t miss the national directories. The main government office that oversees the whole Medicaid program is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This office has databases that separate the list of doctors from non-doctors. In the national directories, zip codes can narrow down the search for Medicaid doctors. During your search, you may be asked whether you prefer a female or male doctor.

  7. Be patient in getting an appointment. At the end of your search, you should finally obtain a Medicaid doctor. If your current health condition is a real emergency case, find the emergency room of the hospital so you receive immediate medical attention. If not, it can take you hours just to get a definite schedule to see your Medicaid doctor.

Even if you meet difficulties concerning how to find a doctor who accepts Medicaid, just continue until you find one. Don’t forget to ask other Medicaid patients who can possibly refer you to their personal doctors.


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