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how to find bankruptcy records

how to find bankruptcy records

A background check is mandatory especially if you are about to extend credit to an individual or company.  Going through a person or company’s financial history is necessary.  Bankruptcy is a strong indicator that it is not favorable to extend valuable credit; therefore, you should know how to find bankruptcy records.  Though people who filed for bankruptcy may not necessarily mean they will evade responsibility again later, it is still best to assess the details in their bankruptcy records.  There are three ways on how you can verify this information as follows:

  1. Search with the Website the Public Access to Court Electronic Records or PACER.   This service is not free, and the charge is per page.  You can make your payment using your credit or debit card.  To familiarize yourself further, you can watch their video tutorial online.  They have a broad scope as they cover nationwide records of individuals and companies.  These records have all the pertinent details which can greatly help you to decide whether the person or entity deserves to be given a second chance, or if they still deserve your trust and confidence.

    ould grant credit, a limit should be imposed until such time that they show a good credit standing.

  2. Inquire from your local bankruptcy courthouse.  You can take this extra trip to verify records, but then again, it is not free. A fee is charged for research and copying, and this has to be paid in cash.  Though it is not high-tech in nature and is a bit slow-paced, in addition to the extra trip you have to make, the information you can gather here is firsthand and right where the filing and proceedings happened.  Chances are that some personnel might still remember how it transpired which will be an additional reference point.  Should the person and company be residing there, you can also gather information from the locals while you take a lunch or snack break.  This is important if you want to have an impression of the person’s true character, his vices, and his roots.  Other information given on the report like his address and properties can also be physically verified.

  3. Visit the Website of the United States Bankruptcy Court record retrieval service.  It has very easy access to information and minute details, and you can pay the fees using your credit or debit card.  As soon as payment is confirmed, they will send the requested information through email or mail in just a few hours. This is especially needed when you need original attachments to your findings.  Although paper copies are not encouraged these days as part of promoting eco-friendly ways, sometimes they are needed.  It can be kept also for future reference as to the personal details of the person or company.

Information is now very easy to acquire thanks to the latest technology and the wonders of the Internet and computers.  There are no more excuses that you do not know how to find bankruptcy records.  The information is just right at your fingertips.  All you need is just to type the keywords or the name of the person or company concerned, and the information is ready for you. In the past, however, information gathering took a lot of time and effort.  Accuracy is much more reliable too these days as these are based on actual records, documents, and facts not just hearsay.  Also, there is no need to hire a detective or private investigation agency as you can easily do this yourself.  This means less time to gather information and less expense too.


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