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How to Find Good Deals on Flights

How to Find Good Deals on Flights

A century ago, flying in an airplane would already be a dream come true for most people. It was a luxury that only a few could afford. But now that the world is getting more high tech and traveling by plane is becoming commonplace, there are lots of good flight deals up for grabs in the market. In fact, the problem these days is choosing which of all these flight deals would be the best one. For you to be able to know how to find good deals on flights, you have to do the following things:

  1. Sign up for free alerts. Social networking and the Internet is at its peak these days, so airlines take advantage of these new technologies to reach out to their clients. You can simply sign up for mailing lists of different search and listing sites, since they usually send out emails every time the airfare prices go down. You can also sign up for free alerts from the Twitter and Facebook pages of different airlines so that you know when they are having seat sales. There are even airlines that give you promo codes through their mailing lists so that you can make use of discounts for their ticket prices.

  2. Be a flexible flier. If you are simply going on vacation and your work schedule is not very tight, you’re in luck because you have a higher chance of getting a good flight deal. That way, you can choose from a plethora of flight deals and sort them starting from the lowest fare up to the highest prices. Most airlines allow for early booking for as long as a year from the present date, so you can book early and at the same time adjust your dates according to the ticket prices.

  3. Book directly through the carrier. Some people use third party sites to book their airline tickets. As a result, these sites do not list the discounts and extra deals that are only available on the carrier’s website. Moreover, these third party sites have transaction fees, so naturally, the fare would be higher than booking directly through the airline website. If you already have a selected airline, you can simply go to their website and book your flights there directly so that you can avail of whatever promos they have for you.

  4. Consider alternate or secondary airports. A major city usually has two or more airports so that you have options where to land. These alternate airports are smaller than the major airports and could be about two to three hours away from the heart of the city. The good thing about these airports is that the airfare for carriers in these airports is usually a great deal cheaper than the airfare of major carriers in the primary airport. If you don’t mind a couple of hours traveling by land, you can avoid a lot of fees just by landing in an alternate airport.

  5. Remove the extra fees. Once you book your tickets online, you will realize that there are additional costs that add up to your airfare, such as baggage fees and seat reservation fees. You can get rid of these extra fees, especially if you think you will be able to make do without them. For example, if you travel light, you can get rid of the baggage fees by bringing only hand carry luggage. You can also compare the extra fees on every airline so you can choose the cheapest one before you book a ticket.

Knowing how to find good deals on flights will let you save a lot of money while traveling. Instead of spending a lot on airfare, simply add what you have saved to your pocket money so you can maximize your experience while travelling.


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