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How to Find Internships

How to Find Internships

The internship system is akin to apprenticeships. While the former involves preparatory training for professional careers and white collar jobs, the latter is for vocational and trade work. Generally, the nature of employment in internships is temporary and usually unpaid; however, there are companies that offer fair wage for their interns. If you want to experience the so-called "on the job training" (OJT) in the career field that you have chosen, just learn how to find internships. It is important that you know how the system works. An internship involves working at a company or with a particular employer so you can gain experience. During an internship, make sure to do a good job; if you achieve an excellent performance rating after completing the duration of the internship, you have a high chance of becoming a permanent employee. To keep you going, here's what you should know about internships.

  1. Make sure you are qualified. Typically, interns are college students who are nearly graduating or post-graduate individuals. There are universities, however, that allow their high school and even elementary students to do an internship.

  2. Paid or unpaid. You may not be paid. The rationale is simple—why would a company offer to pay an intern when he or she can employ others for free? In other words, it is not really about the compensation; it is about the experience. The trick is to impress your employer by doing an excellent job, so you have better chances of continuing on as a real employee.

  3. Visit the career service unit at your school. Most schools have relationships with a number of companies for internship purposes. Therefore, the career service unit in your university can probably give you information about the companies, offices, or establishments accepting interns. Choose a company that has a history of employing their interns after the internship period is finished.

  4. Talk to teachers and staff. Find a teacher who can recommend you for an internship in a particular establishment. Teachers are respected members of a community; thus, most employers give at least some weight to teacher recommendations.

  5. Attend job fairs. It is very common for colleges, universities, and vocational schools to offer job fairs for their graduating students. Before going to the event, make sure to prepare several copies of your resume. At every display table, talk to the assigned representative and submit a copy of your resume. Once your resume is initially assessed, they'll tell you to wait for their phone call within a week.

  6. Visit local companies. Drop by at the office of the human resource manager and inquire if they have vacancies for interns. If the manager says they only offer "unpaid" internships, be candid in saying that you are willing to apply. In any case, you are after the experience and not the pay.

  7. Learn about the company. Once you have spotted a potential company, do thorough research about the company profile and its main products and services. Is it a service-oriented firm or product-oriented one? The necessity of knowing the company itself lies with the fact that you need to have answers during an interview. Surely, you'll be confronted with questions pertaining to how well you know the company.

Essentially, an internship is an opportunity to get some experience in the real world. It will enhance your abilities, leadership skills, and decision-making skills. During the summer, you may try finding international internships too, so you'll get to experience a different culture and environment. In the meantime, the steps discussed above on how to find internships should be of help to you.  


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