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How to Find Motivation to Lose Weight

How to Find Motivation to Lose Weight

Shedding pounds is hard work, and like any hard work, you tend to lose motivation down the road, especially if you sweat a lot but lose little weight. As getting trim and keeping it that way for the rest of your life may sound like a tall order, it pays to get inspired every now and then to keep at it, no matter how huge an obstacle it may seem. In life, as in losing weight, keeping focused on your goals requires more than just passion; sometimes, you need to be tactical to get where you want to go. If you have been running for miles and miles but are still seeing the scale stuck on the same number, here are a few tips on how to find motivation to lose weightto get you going.

  1. Keep a daily log of your progress. Keeping a chart or log of your progress motivates because you can see what is working and what isn't. You can also see how far you have come, and nothing motivates like seeing you lost a certain number of pounds as opposed to just feeling it. Keeping a chart also allows you to monitor just how much progress you've made in the long run, so you can look back during slow periods and know that you have made, and are making, steady progress toward your goal.

  2. Join a fitness or support group. Nothing helps to motivate you like having friends, colleagues, or cohorts to support you, assist you, and offer compliments to bolster your feelings of success. Additionally, having buddies to workout with, eat well with, and talk to about the challenges you face is priceless! Additionally, this group will hold you accountable to your goals, both fitness and dietary.

  3. Take time each day to check yourself out. It may sound vain, but taking some time each day to look at yourself in the mirror serves several purposes. For one, it gives you a chance to take in your physical attributes and appreciate them. It also gives you a chance to take note of any changes, good or bad, to your body. Looking at the mirror is also great for your body image and self-confidence. Studies have shown that the more time you take to really give yourself a good look, the more you'll improve your image of yourself. It'll also give you the motivation to change, or continue to change, those things you're not stoked on.

  4. Devise new dieting and weight loss techniques. Coming up with new and innovative ways to diet and lose weight keeps your goals alive. Sticking to the same old routine day in and day out just leads to boredom, and boredom kills your motivation and efforts. Additionally, boredom leads to complacency, and you're more likely to have frequent “cheat” days. Set competitions between you and your friends or give yourself a challenge. For example, try lifting your lost weight each week or tack on the number of pounds lost to each daily workout.

  5. Buy yourself a sexy ensemble. If putting your goals on paper isn't enough for you, putting them in your closet may be. Keeping an outfit in your closet that you really love and want to wear can be great motivation to slim down and stay that way. So, go ahead, get yourself a little black dress or even a little bikini! Whenever you're having a rough time or feeling a lack of motivation, pull out your goal outfit and picture yourself in it.

  6. Make your goals—and reaching them—fun! Sticking to a goal is a lot easier if you're having fun while doing it. While working out, turn on some music that you love; even go so far as to create a playlist. Integrate fun workout methods like dancing, aerobics classes, swimming, or bike riding into your exercise routine for added adventure and a break from the usual.

Turn your dream of becoming lean and healthy into a goal. If you do waver in trying to achieve that goal and struggle on how to find motivation to lose weight, seek out inspiration and do not wait for it to come to you. Most importantly, act on that inspiration to keep you going.


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