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how to find out if a divorce has been filed

how to find out if a divorce has been filed

Filing for divorce can result in the official ending of marriage or the severance of the martial bond. It is evidenced by an official decree in a court of law. Many people are interested to know how to find out if a divorce has been filed not only because they want to prepare themselves for the court hearing day, but also to ensure that their legal rights are enforced and their interests are protected. Obtaining copies of your divorce papers is relatively easy, especially if you follow the basic guidelines below.

  1. Check your mailbox. More often than not, a divorce case is a surprise to the other spouse. Nonetheless, the divorce proceeding cannot proceed without notifying the other party through summons. You will receive the court’s notice or summons either in your mailbox or by personal delivery by a court personnel or law enforcement officer.

  2. Call the court clerk's office. Since divorce papers are public documents in nature, you can call the office of the clerk of court and verify if your spouse has finally filed for divorce against you.

    Just provide the name and address of your spouse, so that the divorce files can be located easily. If the clerk requires you to provide your name to know if you are an interested party, just comply.

  3. Visit the court clerk’s office. During business hours of the day, you can visit the courthouse. Present your identification card and state your purpose. To obtain a copy of the divorce papers, you may be required to pay a minimal amount, usually from $5 to $25, depending on the court’s internal policies and regulations.

  4. Engage the services of a divorce lawyer. For busy individuals, it is better to call a divorce lawyer to verify if a divorce case has been filed. This may entail paying for the attorney’s fee, but at least you are certain that the legal papers and processes pertaining to the divorce case are well attended to. Besides, during the trial you will encounter legal procedures in which you will need the help of a lawyer. It is helpful if you hire a lawyer from the start, so he or she can keep track of the case until it is finally decided by the court.

  5. Talk to your spouse. If you notice that your partner is starting to lose interest in your marriage, your partner may be contemplating to file for divorce. It is only fair that you sit down and ask if he or she already did the filing or is just planning to do so. Your conversation will open the door for marriage counseling or reconciliation. If there are unresolved problems in the family that possibly led to the filing for divorce, discuss them and find solutions as a couple.

There is always a room for hope. Suspecting that your spouse must have initiated a divorce case or has called a divorce lawyer does not officially end everything. A divorce is just a lawsuit which cannot really affect the status of your marriage until the court finally rules for the dissolution of the marital bond. In other words, if you think you can still save your marriage, do everything you can to save it. It is not every day that you marry someone you love. If you love your partner, there is no reason why you will not fight for your marriage to survive. However, whether you like it not, you have to face it if your spouse has already filed for divorce. The first step is to learn how to find out if a divorce has been filed, and then take it from there. Going through the entire legal process can be very difficult since it can cause you emotional and financial stress. At the end of the day, you will realize that not all things that started well end well. Indeed, the vow that says ‘til death do us part’ is not always true.


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