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how to find out if a divorce is final

how to find out if a divorce is final

It is easy for a great pretender to declare that he is already divorced and all other stories that will make you believe him. You have to be very smart even when dating these days. There are lots of men and women who are living a double life. How to find out if a divorce is final can save you from future heartaches from an unworthy person who may be trying to deceive you for whatever purpose it may serve him or her. Get the real score by doing the following:

  1. When you meet a new man who declares his status as a divorced person, but whenever you want to know more regarding that subject he seems to refuse to elaborate, check him out. You can’t help but wonder whether he’s really divorced, is in the process, or just pulling your leg. In other states, there’s what is called a waiting period wherein divorced couples cannot remarry within six months starting when the divorce is final. Is paying alimony and child support part of the agreement? Who knows? If you are really intrigued, gain access to his divorce files since they are open to the public anyway.


  2. If you managed to get the information where the divorce was filed and the complete names of the divorced couple in question, make a personal appearance at the courthouse of the state mentioned. You will spend only for the transportation because divorce records inquiries made in person are free of charge. A minimal fee applies for photocopies of the documents when requested.

  3. When you really feel that it is important for you to find out the truth about a person’s legal status, hiring a lawyer can save you time. Lawyers are more knowledgeable with divorce proceedings, and they already have contacts in various states. They can facilitate it faster and more accurately than if you do it yourself. The fee is quite substantial but is still value for the money compared to other means.

  4. When you are really determined to get the authenticity of the divorce claim, especially when you plan to marry the guy, place the matter into the hands of a private investigator. This is very effective especially if you don’t know all the details for fear that the person in question might suspect that you don’t trust him if you keep on asking questions about his alleged divorce. Instead of annoying him with your inquiries, bring them through the proper channel.

  5. If you already have the location where the divorce was filed and the names of the couple concerned, just log onto www.abika.com/reports/divorcerecords. This is not a free site, but this is a convenient way of knowing the finality of the divorce between the applicable people. You can get the desired information immediately after confirming your payment using your credit card. It’s better to spend a bit for your safety and security than suffer the consequences of the deception.

Bear in mind that if a person is capable of lying about his status, he can do so much more to deceive you. The ways on how to find out if a divorce is final can really be a good help. There are people who are really well-versed when it comes to deception. It’s your duty to protect yourself. When in doubt, do not disregard your suspicions. Do something about it so that you will not regret later on when damage has been done to you.


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