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how to find out if someone has car insurance

how to find out if someone has car insurance

It is a federal requirement that proof of updated liability insurance must be carried in the vehicle ready to be presented to traffic police officers in the event of an accident. There may be a need for how to find out if someone has car insurance when the driver responsible for a mishap flees the scene. Vital information will help in tracing such records active or not. Here are the steps to find out the real score:

  1. If you don’t know the reckless driver at all, get hold of at least the license plate number. An authorized police officer who’s managing your case can request for the registered owner’s personal data and other details pertaining to the vehicle from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The information obtained can then be fed to search engines for insurance files starting with the complete name of the owner.

  2. When you have a valid purpose, make an official request from the Department of Motor Vehicles to have access to the car insurance information of another driver.

    u may have to disclose relevant information about yourself in the form required for the request. Complete the information legibly and accurately so that your request will not be denied due to misinformation.

  3. File a police blotter when you are involved in a vehicular accident and the other party is not cooperative. You just have to supply the relevant information needed for the police to assess the situation. The names and telephone numbers of both drivers are needed for the initial investigation and follow-up. Supply authorities also with your driver’s license and insurance policy to facilitate their job quickly.

  4. When you have not heard from the driver who was at fault for a recent accident that you were involved in, or there seems to be no action from his or her insurance company, get a copy of the police report from the police station near the area where the accident happened. You should be able to find the details of the accident in the report including the insurance information of the driver in question.

  5. Verify the details you got from the police records to the insurance firm mentioned in the report. The insurance provider will be able to give you the actual status of the insurance and if the accident has been already reported by the other driver. Should there be discrepancies in the insurance records, the insurance company can immediately verify the matter with its client.

  6. When screening applicants for jobs that require driving skills and your own vehicle, you will be able to get the real status of the person by asking for proof of insurance. In the presence of alterations and other questionable details, a phone call to the insurer’s office can make the proper verification. If a fraudulent act is committed by the applicant, the insurance company can deal with it directly.

It may be a hassle how to find out if someone has car insurance, but this will prevent you from waiting for nothing. You can also easily invoke insurance obligations if the driver concerned is too irresponsible to do his or her part. It is also a blessing in disguise knowing the actual status of a job applicant before hiring to save your company from further liabilities that a reckless employee can represent. Updated and reasonable car insurance is not only for the driver’s protection but also a strong proof of his or her reliability--truly a status symbol for responsible people.


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