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how to find out if someone is bankrupt

how to find out if someone is bankrupt

Knowing how to find out if someone is bankrupt is important so that you will not be deceived to extend valuable credit.  Although being bankrupt doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is not worth trusting anymore, it is a tool to assess the individual’s character and attitude towards credit.  Everyone deserves second chances, but it is important too that the creditor will be protected and avoid losing his investment to deceitful persons or companies.  There are several ways to find out.  The following are practical suggestions:

  1. Search on the government’s Insolvency Website.  The cause of bankruptcy is insolvency, and listings are posted here.  These are updated from time to time so take notice of the latest publications to be more accurate on the information.  This is a free service, and you can do your investigation privately.

  2. Using online forms.  Search and fill out these forms online for inquiries on individuals or companies with bankruptcy records.  Results can be obtained right away, and it is free also.

    out the needed information on the actual forms like the name, address, Social Security number, or case number if you have it.

  3. Visit the Website of Public Access to Court Electronic Records or PACER.  This is the quickest way to obtain information if the person has a history of bankruptcy.  You can also get details of the case like the addresses, aliases, maiden name for ladies of the possible persons concerned, and most especially the final judgment.  This is for a fee though, but you can obtain free records once every 12 months as per PACER’s requirements for providing information.  The records you can obtain here are nationwide. So in case the person filed bankruptcy in a previous location, you can still find it.  You can pay using your credit or debit card for the fees which makes it very convenient.

  4. Visit the local bankruptcy courthouse.  Though the information you get here is limited only to bankruptcy cases heard in this particular courthouse, most likely bankruptcy is filed where a person or company is located. The staff may still remember the details of the case, and you can get additional information from them.  You only pay for the research and copies of the documents, so you need to be ready with a cash payment.

  5. Also, visit the Website of the United States Bankruptcy Court record retrieval services.  Their records here are official and complete with all the details and are very reliable. The data here are updated from time to time, and the date of the update is indicated on the site.  They charge a fee which can be paid using your credit or debit card.  They can email or mail to you the needed documents in just a few hours.  Though a hard copy is not encouraged in order to be eco-friendly, sometimes it is needed for attachments and personal reference.

How to find out if someone is bankrupt is easy.  You have an option to search for it online using the above-suggested Websites, or you can physically take the extra trip to your local courthouse. Court records are public information, and it is your right to find out who has filed for bankruptcy for whatever legal purposes this may serve you.  It can be a tool for you to assess if an individual or company is worth trusting.  Being wise on your judgment whether to provide credit to worthy individuals only will shield you from incurring losses later.  Making a wrong decision by being too lenient can cause you to be bankrupt yourself.


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