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how to find out if someone is divorced

how to find out if someone is divorced

There are plenty of reasons why it is prudent to know the true personal status of a person. Primarily, no one would want to settle down with someone who is married or has a pending divorce case. Moreover, many women have been misled and lured by philandering men pretending to be single. These days, many are interested to know how to find out if someone is divorced in order to avoid being the other woman. As a woman, you should always be on guard. The following steps can help you identify whether the man you are dating is divorced or not.

  1. Hire a private investigator. This can entail expense on your part, but at the end of the day you will realize that the price you pay is worth it. Normally, a man who hides his true legal status is very reluctant and evasive in answering questions about his personal life. Thus, you would really have difficulty in extracting credible information from him. Just leave the matter to your private investigator. Whether the man is single, married, or divorced, the investigator will soon find out.

  2. Verify information at the Office of the County Clerk. Once you have his personal information, you should visit the Office of the County Clerk. They keep records about marriages and divorces. Ask for the requirements needed, so that the records of a particular divorce case may be retrieved. After compliance of the prerequisites, ask for a copy of the divorce papers.

  3. Visit the court where the divorce petition was filed. If you know about his divorce, you can verify the information by visiting the court where the divorce petition was filed. Inquire about the status of the case, whether it is still pending or a decree has already been granted.

  4. Verify at the State’s Department of Vital Records. If you are not sure as to where he got married or in what court the petition for divorce was filed, you can go to the State’s Department of Vital Records. However, the clerk may not give the divorce information you need since you are neither a spouse nor a former spouse of the person. Just try to be polite and candid when asking. Who knows, the clerk may give in to your request.

  5. Search online. There are a number of websites these days that cater to divorce records and information. You can search online to find out whether the person is married or not. You only have to enter his name and the state where the divorce petition was filed, and then pay the corresponding payment. In an instant, your search will yield results.

  6. Ask his friends. His circle of friends, especially those who are closer to him, must know his real status. It is up to you how you’ll do the inquiry. Get closer to his friends and associates until you are able to generate the kind of information you need.

How to find out if someone is divorced can be tiring, especially if you don’t have the money to pay for a private investigator. If in the end you learned that indeed he is not divorced, let him know that he can’t fool you. Tell him to spare the other girls out there. After that, warn him to stay away from you for good. Be frank that you can’t stay with a dishonest person like him. A fool like him deserves no one but another fool.


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