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how to find out if you are divorced

how to find out if you are divorced

Many couples have separated for quite some time already before deciding to file a divorce. Just in case you’ve been told by your ex a long time ago that he has done the filing but you still did not get any notice about it, better to check everything out for peace of mind. How to find out if you are divorced does not take much effort. You just have to know the proper channels so that you can get a direct answer. Here’s how:

  1. Divorce notices are served via registered mail. Make sure that you have not overlooked your mailbox for this piece of correspondence. It’s informing you that there are documents served that need to be picked up from the designated post office. The serving of the actual divorce documents is secure because it will require your signature when claiming it, but sometimes the notice slip can be easily misplaced especially when it’s just dropped in the mailbox.

  2. Whether it’s your attorney or his who did the filing, request a copy of the delivery receipt. This is the proof that somebody did the filing at the courthouse.

    him for the contact number of his lawyer or let your lawyer handle that for you directly with his lawyer. Attorneys have their own ways of getting through to their fellow lawyers.

  3. The filing of a divorce must be made through the local courthouse of the filer. Visit the county where it was filed and request the assigned courthouse records officer to verify the information. You don’t have to pay anything for the record verification, but if you need a copy of the filed divorce documents, minimal fees will be collected for copying services.

  4. If you are no longer in contact with your ex-husband and you’ve checked both the courthouse of his last known address and yours, try other counties where you both lived before. Traveling to these places may need you to spend some time and a little bit of money, but your discovery will be worth more than that.

  5. If you do not have the luxury of time, try searching online for Websites providing public records. There are paid and free Websites so be ready with your credit card to get specific information regarding the divorce. You can initially search these Websites through Google Search. Supply the location together with the keywords of your search like “divorce record.” Once you’ve selected a public site that provides this, fill in the form provided on the site to get a more specific record.

  6. When you are convinced that no divorce filing was made, consult your lawyer for you to do the filing instead. You may have to resort to filing a divorce in absentia when you have no knowledge as to how to reach your ex-spouse. Find out the details of the proceeding like placing an announcement in the form of newspaper advertisement before filing. Your attorney can advise you on the proper ways to finally get that divorce that is now long overdue.

How to find out if you are divorced can be difficult if you are not certain of some relevant information. Despite following all the recommended steps and if your queries are not yet satisfied, try tracing the whereabouts of your ex-husband instead. At least, even if the divorce was not really filed as claimed earlier, you can discuss with him your plans so that both of you can live freely.


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