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how to find people’s phone number

how to find people’s phone number

If you’ve lost contact with a family member, a close relative, a mentor, or a friend, and you decide you want to look for them and get in touch again, finding them can be a bit challenging, especially if their contact information has changed more than once. But with patience and knowledge on how to find people’s phone number, you can get back in touch. Technology and information has given us that luxury to look up and find almost anything we seek. Here is how:

  1. First, gather any information you have on the person, such as the person’s full name. If you know where they live, it can be very helpful. If not, rely on the last known address.

  2. The most basic method is looking them up in a phonebook. There are rare moments when both the first and last names are common and the directory has more than one listing. You can simply look for a middle initial or just call until you find the right one.

  3. If the person you are looking for is not listed, you can also call information or the local directory assistance hotline.

    u will be required to give details like complete name and state.

  4. You can also check social networks and see if that person has their contact information there. You can narrow the search by using a full name and cross-referencing with other identifying information, such as school attended and age.

  5. If you know where the person is currently working, you can also call the office and ask for their number. If they wonÂ’t give it to you to protect their privacy, try asking for an email address. From there, you can go email them directly.

  6. There are also online phonebooks with listings of phone numbers, even unlisted ones. Use a search engine to look for the person. Some of these online search engines are for free, but a more detailed search usually costs a fee.

  7. You can also ask mutual friends if they have kept in touch with the person you are looking for and ask for contact information.

  8. Lastly, if youÂ’ve tried everything and failed and you badly need the number, hire a professional to help you find that personÂ’s number.

These are various methods on how to find peopleÂ’s phone number. When you know how to, soon you will be in touch with your dear friend or relative, catching up and planning a grand reunion.


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