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how to find sales leads

how to find sales leads

There are still businessmen out there who are continually confronted on how to find sales leads because their products and services aren’t moving. More than that, they realize their expected returns aren’t coming in. Before anything drastic happens to your business, tackle the basic techniques and tricks on how to find or even increase your sales leads. First, review your existing marketing strategies and approaches. The success of your business is anchored on strong, solid and entirely workable marketing plan. You can use four techniques to successfully increase your sales leads.

  1. Create a phone book and name list of potential clients. This is the easiest approach on finding sales leads because no investment is needed. While you’re reading your daily newspaper or magazine, make note of the business and personal numbers listed in it. Call them and tell them about the new offerings in your store. Illustrate how they can use your products or services and offer them discounts.

    A customer phone book is very important.

      once visited a hair salon in a downtown area, and I can vividly remember that it took care in getting the phone numbers of their clients. The salon provided a form to every customer containing basic information. When I asked about it, the salon manager said, “I need to know your number ma’am because we will be launching the newest hair styling product soon, and we want you to be a part of it. Rest assured we will call you by then.” By getting your customers’ phone numbers and calling them about important product or service updates, the customers are likely to come back when they’re called about those updates.

  2. Buy a list of sales leads. If you like, you can also rent sales leads. Just be extra cautious because this technique is a little tricky. You’ll find tons of people on the Internet giving out list of business leads, but not all of the numbers are potential clients like you hope. More often than not, the numbers available are mere individual who might be interested in your offerings. Nevertheless, you can still try this but just be choosy and careful.

  3. Networking locally with incentives is very effective. Start asking for sales leads from your family members, friends and relatives. They themselves have their own circles of friends who can help your business. For example, a friend of yours can give you the names of the friends of her friends who are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Then, give out a referral bonus to that friend of yours and her friend to encourage them to give you more potential clients.

    The businesses around your store are just a call away. You can barter your set of existing clients for other business’ sets of clients. In that way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You hit not just your neighboring business stores for business but also their sets of clients. So other businesses can more effectively inform their own clients about your products and services, they themselves must be convinced about the quality of your business.

  4. Word-of-mouth promotion can bring more sales leads. This strategy capitalizes on your own set of clients. Make sure you give them excellent service and high-quality products. In other words, fully satisfy them. When that happens, ask them if they know other people out there who would be interested in your offerings. As a suggestion, tell them that in every customer they refer to you will get discounts the next time they visit your store.

Remember, the key is quality offerings. Once you’ve established a stable rapport with your loyal clients, they’ll tell their acquaintances about your business. You have lots of avenues and resources for generating sales leads. You just need a drive to discover the vast resources around you. The Internet alone is one source of thousands of effective ideas and proven principles for how to find sales leads.


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