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how to find the right girl for me

how to find the right girl for me

For most men, looking for someone to date or marry is not easy. Often, they have asked one common question: “how to find the right girl for me?” With the rising cases of divorce these days, most women are also deeply concerned when it comes to looking for a real partner in life; they don’t just settle with the boy next door. Divorce or severance of marital bond has become a common legal term in marriage. It affects many couples around the world. To avoid the painful effects of divorce, you must carefully scrutinize your date or partner before bringing the relationship to another level. Find the right girl to marry in the right time and place. The following steps can greatly help you.

  1. Know what you really want. List the qualities of the type of woman you are looking for. Whether you want a religiously devoted person, career-oriented, smart and sensitive, or just a plain housewife, you have to make a decision.

  2. Ask for a divine intervention.

    d knows what is best for you. Ask for His wisdom and guidance, so He may lead you to the right woman. Pray for patience and humility as you deal with your search for love.

  3. Go to the right place. After deciding what kind of woman you would like to settle down with, it is time to look for her. Join social gatherings, church activities, business conventions, or go to bars and clubs. Without being too judgmental, just open up your eyes and look around you. Perhaps she is just right in the corner waiting for you to approach her.

  4. Spread the word. You can use some social networking sites, like facebook.com or twitter.com, to publish your search. Via email or by sending a private message, you can inform your friends that you are looking for a date or partner. Spread the message to your family and relatives, so that they can recommend you to their single friends. Since these people are already aware of your standards when it comes to women, they can easily arrange a date for you.

  5. Date more women. In other words, do not limit your options. You should date more girls without necessarily making a commitment to anyone of them at first. Exhibit the highest degree of professionalism in meeting women, so you will not be labeled as a womanizer. Therefore, it is crucial that you carry yourself properly, especially in public places, and deal with girls in an appropriate manner.

  6. Don’t be too picky. While you don’t want to rush up on anything, you can’t also be too choosy. Give your date a break or chance to prove to you what she is made of. If she does not meet your standards, be kind in telling her that she is not the one. Thank her for the time she shared with you and offer friendship.

  7. Stick to one. Once you find the right woman, it is now time for serious talking. Talk about the future, make her laugh, bring her to new places, and spend more time together. Ensure that all of your dates are memorable. When the time comes that you want to marry her, propose to her in the right time and place. Consider yourself blessed for having her and thank God for everything.

If you have a friend asking “how to find the right girl for me?” share this article, so he can have fair answers too. Remember, finding the right girl requires dedication, sincerity, and professionalism. You can’t take every woman around you just for fun. At the end of the day, you will realize that you don’t want to marry someone just to have a painful divorce later on.


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