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how to find the right man for you

how to find the right man for you

Since the world is getting too small and dangerous brought about by man-made inventions like the ever-revolving technology, finding the right guy is actually becoming taboo. How to find the right man for you amidst Internet scams, manipulations, and deceits are the concerns. This can be difficult. But if you dwell in the right society, you will be lucky someday. Check these tips out for your success:

  1. Search for the right groups and get as much exposure as you can to such crowds. Do not narrow down the selection process to good-looking men only. Prioritize the man that can be your friend in the long run regardless of his physical qualities. Get to know him. If there’s no spark with him, keep the friendship. He may be able to introduce his friends to you.

  2. Do not choose the man for the things that he has. Material things can disappear anytime. What’s left is the character of the man behind his clothes. He can start all over again if he has the skills, brains, and determination.


  3. Only you can tell who is right for you. It’s not other people who will live with the man you choose when you end up together. It’s nice to have some advisers just for the sake of scrutinizing interested men, but the decision is ultimately yours.

  4. Get to know the guy first before becoming intimate with him. You will know his values by the way he lives. His family, his jobs, recreations, and friends matter. See if they are compatible with yours so that adjustments will not be that difficult.

  5. You will save yourself from sex maniacs if you refrain from having sex before establishing emotional connections and commitment. Men who are just interested in finding as many sex partners as they can, will not have the patience to wait longer.

  6. Never get involved with an attached man. He is definitely a cheater if you get him while in relationship with somebody else. You have no guarantee that he will not do it to you.

  7. If you feel that the guy is not doing what he’s saying, you are probably right. Gut feelings are more accurate than our own judgments. Get detached immediately.

  8. Do not dictate to your man how to please you. Instead, do to him what you want him to do unto you like the Golden Rule says. This way you are not pressuring him to go to the next step.

  9. Don’t hope for the best that he will change his bad ways when you are already married and have a baby. Love him for what he is right now. If you can’t, just move on.

  10. Do not panic when you wake up one day and realize that you are too old to be alone. Why not spend on yourself and go for that holiday that you’ve been dreaming of? You might have imagined doing it with a special person, but if you do not have one yet, do not postpone your life. Go ahead and enjoy your freedom. You will be attracting quality men if you have self-fulfillment.

You will sabotage your quest on how to find the right man for you if you are too afraid to be alone or too desperate to get married. Mr. Right will be too scared to go your way if you are acting like a crocodile chasing for prey. Get out and about but never chase. Let men do that; it’s their job. They will be sorry not being able to find the best woman in the world if they won’t chase you.


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