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how to find the right person to date

how to find the right person to date

How to find the right person to date is not as easy as it may seem.  It can be fun and exciting at the beginning, but it can also get complicated and disappointing at times.  Though there is no such thing as a perfect person, close to ideal is desirable.  It is best to be ready with some guidelines to somehow limit the margin of errors as follows:

  1. Know yourself and what you want.  It is always good to know your own likes and dislikes and somehow match it with a prospective date.  Having someone who has similar qualities can make a relationship last longer.  Sometimes we tend to take for granted what we really want in a person especially when we are desperate to find a date.  More often than not, this will just lead to differences and falling apart sooner or later.  Knowing yourself and what you want can eliminate the risk of accepting someone who is not right for you; thus saving you from heartaches and disappointments later not to mention the time, effort, and emotional investment you’ve given.

  2. Know where to find such a person.

    like a religious person, most likely you can find him in church or in prayer groups.  A sports-minded person or a health buff will most likely frequent the gym or the sports club. Intellectuals and go-getters can be found in the business sector.  This may not always be the case, but it can make the search much easier.

  3. Be visible and sociable.  If you are on the lookout for a prospective date, don’t just stay home and watch television.  Socialize and mingle with friends.  Engage them in conversations and let them know you are available and searching.  This will lead to referrals, and the word will spread around about your availability.  Just don’t overdo it or you will soon feel like a commodity.  If possible, don’t limit yourself to only family and friends.  Explore other options like joining a sports club, church group, or maybe a social networking site that is reputable.

  4. First impressions are not always lasting.  Know a person’s real character by engaging him or her in a casual conversation.  Ask relevant questions about his past, present, and future outlook without being snoopy.  Act as though you are very interested in anything that he has to say.  This will encourage him to open up thus giving you more information about him.  Also share important facts about yourself.  This will encourage interaction.

  5. Should you feel the need to reject a person, don’t hesitate to do so but do it in a gentle and proper way.  There are plenty of choices out there; so don’t be afraid to explore some more.  Being with the wrong person when the right one comes along will spoil your chances of having a great relationship.

  6. Having done all of the above, the right person should inspire you and bring out the best in you.  This person should make you feel optimistic and good about yourself and vice versa.  Having him around should make you feel joyful and will inspire you to look forward to the next date or to a possible long-term arrangement.

The above suggestions may have given you substantial advice on how to find the right person to date, but the results will still depend on the choices you make. Having found the right person, it is now time to seal it and hopefully make it last through a marriage.  Happiness in a relationship is based on how you nurture your love for each other on a daily basis.  It is continuously a work in process.


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