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how to finish walnut wood

how to finish walnut wood

The walnut is a seed that comes from the walnut tree, which belongs to the Juglans variety. This kind of tree produces the best lumber material and is known for its superb characteristics, which make it one of the best materials suitable for furniture-making and structural flooring. More than that, its high-density quality makes it well suited for any woodwork. When used as flooring material, you must know how to keep its shiny glow without destroying its fine structure and natural color. Thus, learning how to finish walnut wood is a good start to maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. Walnut is very easy to polish or finish because of its finely grained structure. To help you bring out the beauty of your walnut, these are the simple steps you need to check out.

  1. Clean the wood. Use warm water mixed with trisodium phosphate. This kind of cleaning solution is proven to be excellent at removing grease, stains, debris, and dirt. Clean the wood very well so that the finishing material can adhere to the surface once applied.

    After cleaning, wipe the surface with a clean cloth and let it dry in open air.

  2. Check the floor. Before starting work on finishing a walnut floor, look at the floor for any nail protrusions. If there are any, tap them in with a hammer making sure that the head of the nail sinks below the surface of the wood. Having a flat surface is very important when you use an orbital sander as well as the buffing tool you will use to initially clean the surface of difficult stains.

  3. Sand the wood surface. Use coarse, 180-grit sandpaper to clean the wood of deep stains and dirt. Sanding will also help to restore the original beauty of the walnut. If you are finishing your floor, you can use an orbital sander. After using the 180-grit sandpaper, sand the surface again, but this time with the finer 220-grit sandpaper to attain a smoother texture.

    As a precaution, use face mask while sanding. Sawdust is harmful and can cause health problems. When handling the wood, you should also use gloves to help prevent asthma and skin allergies. This kind of wood is known to contain a harmful toxin, called jug-lone.

  4. Clean the newly sanded surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and dust generated while sanding. Check the wood surface by touching it, looking for imperfections and dents. If there are any, you can apply wood putty to fill in the dents and create an even surface. Allow the wood putty to dry, and then sand that particular section again.

  5. Apply wood fillers. Fillers may be needed in order to attain a smooth, flat surface. Walnut has a highly dense grain structure, thus, before it can be stained, fillers must be applied in order to avoid being left with a blotchy finish. The fillers will cover all the fine pores of the wood surface.

  6. Apply stain or natural oil. If you wish to apply stain, use a brush or a clean piece of cloth. Do not apply the stain in just any direction. You need to follow the grain of the wood. Apply light stain to light colored walnut and dark stain to darker wood.

    You can further enhance the natural beauty of the walnut by using oil. Danish, mineral, linseed, and teak oil are all good finishing liquids.

    After application, let it dry until you can feel that the surface is no longer tacky.

  7. Apply finisher. This item is applicable only if you did not apply oil to the wood surface. Your finisher, made of polyurethane, must be applied evenly following the grain of the wood. Once the first coat is done, allow the surface to dry completely, then sand the wood surface using the fine, 220-grit sandpaper. Then clean the surface and remove all the sawdust with a vacuum cleaner. Finally, apply a second, final coat of polyurethane.

To restore the beauty of your walnut flooring or furniture, the above steps, explaining how to finish Walnut wood, are there for you to learn from. Don’t take shortcuts. Once finished, you will once more be able to appreciate the elegance of your walnut wood surfaces.


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