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how to fix a dent in your car

how to fix a dent in your car

Dents can really damage the appearance of the car. We often get such dents when things bump the surfaces of our cars. However, dents can be fixed, depending on the damage done. Well, you can have the dent fixed through an auto shop; but this could be very expensive. Although not all types of dents can be self-repaired, you should at least try fixing it before handing the job to the car shop. There are easy steps on how to fix a dent in your car which you can follow:

  1. Make sure that you have dent repair kits. This includes a dent pulling tool, suction cups, metalworking hammer, drill, and others. You should also have a dolly, so that you will be able to reshape and flatten the metal. When you have these materials, it will then be easier for you to fix the dent on your own.

  2. When the materials are ready, you should then find the central part of the dent. A hole, about 1/8” drill bit, should be drilled on the center. You can also attach a plastic adapter on the center using a glue gun.


  3. The dent pulling tool should then be threaded on the hole. If you used the plastic adapter, the dent pulling tool should be attached on the adapter. When it’s already attached, you should pull the dent out to bring it back in place.

  4. When the dent is in place, you should then flatten the dent with a metalworking hammer. While hammering the front surface, make sure that the dolly is firmly holding the back surface of the dent. This is important so that the dent will really be flattened. Without the dolly, there is a great chance that when you hammer, the dent will become more noticeable. This is very crucial, so be careful when you hammer. Make sure to really flatten the surface back to normal.

  5. Scrape the paint off the dent using a medium grit disk. Make sure to skin the paint until you can see only the bare metal. You should include the periphery of the affected area, at about one inch from the dent itself. When the area has been totally scraped, fill it with body filler. I recommend you use high quality filler.

  6. Wait until the filler has dried, then sand the entire area using sandpaper. You can attach the sandpaper to a block of wood so that sanding will be a lot easier. You should first use 36 grit sandpaper and finish with 120 grit.

  7. You should then prime the area. There are available auto spray primers in the market. Spray the entire area and wait until it dries. You should prime it six times. Make sure that the coat has completely dried before you spray the next coat.

  8. Since spraying can make the surface a bit uneven, you should sand it again. This time, use 600 grit sandpaper. Continue sanding until the area becomes fine and smooth. When there are scratches, this method works just as effective.

  9. Match the surface with an automotive paint. Make sure to use the same color as the original paint so that it will appear as though it has never been damaged. There are available spray paint in stores. Make sure that the surface area is smooth.

You may not be able to self-repair the worse types of dents brought about by accidents, but in general, dents are easily repairable. Learning how to fix a dent in your car is not as difficult as you think. You just have to follow the instructions listed above. Do not immediately go to the car shop when you encounter a dent. You don’t need to spend money for that.


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