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How to Fix Frizzy Hair

How to Fix Frizzy Hair

Hair can be naturally frizzy, or it can become frizzy due to the weather. Dryness and damage caused by too much styling, dyeing, and shampooing can cause hair to frizz out too. If you frequent the salon a lot, you’ll definitely want to read these tips on how to fix frizzy hair.

  1. Find the products that are right for you

    The main cause of frizzy hair is dryness. Essentially, dry hair seeks out the moisture in the air during humid weather, so the hair sticks up all over your head, causing distress that can lead to hair-pulling (which you should never do, of course). To prevent dryness, keep your hair moisturized by shampooing less and conditioning more.

    Shampooing causes dryness, so lessen the shampoo you use or dilute it with a lot of water. Try to shampoo less often. If you stay at home all day, rinsing with water will be just fine. If you have to shampoo every day, make sure you’re using a light shampoo, designed for daily use. Hair conditioner must be used daily, or whenever you shower.

    eep condition your hair once a week by using hair-spa or home-treatment solutions. You can go organic by heating olive or coconut oil, applying it to your hair, wrapping it with a hot towel or shower cap for 20 minutes, and then rinsing. Given the dizzying array of products in the market, it will take time to try the different products and find out what suits you. Read reviews and ask for product recommendations from relatives who have the same hair texture as you.

  2. Limit or reduce the damage that your hair suffers

    You may unknowingly have many habits that damage your hair. When towel-drying your hair after a shower, use the towel to squeeze or blot out the water. Do not rub your hair over and over between the towel ends. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair as hair-fall and hair-breakage are likely if you brush your hair when it’s wet.

    Try not to blow-dry your hair every day. This will prevent further dryness. You can try showering before you sleep so that your hair is dry when you wake up. For added smoothness, use extra conditioner during your shower or a leave-in conditioner after you shower, then wrap your hair in a cotton cap or an old t-shirt before you doze off. If it is possible, shower earlier than usual so that there will be plenty of time for your hair to air-dry before you leave. If your schedule requires that you blow-dry your hair every day, invest in a blow dryer that blows cold air into your hair or use a diffuser. Ionic hair dryers dry hair fast, so they’re a smart buy too. Be sure to direct the blow dryer’s airflow downward and not against the hair. You can also blow-dry under the hair and palm your locks gently.

  3. Have an instant fix in your bag, always

    Once you’ve found a no-rinse product that works for you, keep a sachet of it in your bag. No-rinse products are sometimes called leave-in conditioners or anti-frizz serums. If the product doesn’t come in sachets, buy a tiny, empty bottle and fill it up. It’s more environmentally friendly to reuse an empty sample bottle such as a hotel-shampoo one. Make sure that the bottle doesn’t spill as it’s jostled around in your bag. If you travel a lot, remember that airports have a limit on the amount of fluid or gel you can have in your purse.

    If you’re having a frizzy hair emergency and you’re out of your favorite product, lotion might do the trick. Rub a little lotion on the sides and ends of your hair for a quick, smoothening effect.

Curly or treated hair doesn’t have to be tied up or hidden underneath a cap or bandanna. With these tips on how to fix frizzy hair, you won’t be afraid to let down your hair in all its glory.


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