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How to Flatten your Stomach

How to Flatten your Stomach

A flat and toned belly is the Holy Grail for most fitness buffs. No matter how much you weigh, a sculpted six-pack just can’t be beat. Not surprisingly, the midsection is one of the hardest parts to flatten, especially since abdominal muscles are hidden behind a layer of subcutaneous fat. You can work out your abdominal muscles as hard as you want, but unless you can get rid of the belly roll, your efforts will simply be in vain. It is no secret that getting a firm and drum-tight tummy calls for intensive core workouts and restricted diets. It can take many weeks of this regimen before results become visible. For those who are working on a tighter deadline (and with much less self-control), here are several cheats for how to flatten your stomach:

  1. Work on improving your posture, whether standing or sitting down. Slouching pulls the tummy out and makes it look flabbier than it is, not to mention that lousy posture can make the core muscles lazy over time. Stand up straight and relax your shoulders down. Your abdominal muscles should be engaged and doing their part to keep you upright so that your back doesn’t have to bear all the weight.

    oga and/or stretching exercises can help you improve your posture. Getting used to holding your back straight takes some practice, especially after years of doing it wrong, but stick with it until it doesn’t take any conscious effort at all. A back brace or a girdle might help you during the first few weeks, although it’s not necessary for most people.

  2. Get more sleep. Laboratory studies show that sleep deprivation creates a hormonal imbalance so that our bodies store fat instead of burning it. It also releases chemicals that trigger hunger more often, so we eat more. To make matters worse, sleep-deprived individuals are more apt to crave sugar, salt, and fat than their well-rested counterparts. It’s not just your imagination: sleeping less does lead to weight gain, especially around the tummy.

  3. Nix the salt. The body does need some sodium and chloride but in amounts that are much smaller than what the average person consumes in a day. Salt attracts water, which leads to bloating.

  4. Trade in sodas and other carbonated beverages for plain water. Carbonated beverages fill you up with gas, so your stomach looks bigger. Plus, most carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar, which does not help with weight control. Even the artificially sweetened varieties are just as bad; they may be low on calorie count, but they can stimulate the appetite, so you feel the need to eat more and eat more often. Water, on the other hand, contains zero calories and can help your body flush toxins out of your system. Plus, it’s a great appetite suppressant.

  5. Train your stomach to shrink. The stomach itself is a hollow organ made of smooth muscle. Just like a rubber balloon, its capacity can be adjusted by expanding. Eating large meals habitually causes your stomach to get all stretched out. You will then need to eat a larger volume of food to feel full. By training your stomach to handle small meals, you teach it to feel full with much less food.

Aside from these tips, try to look for interesting solutions that will show you how to flatten your stomach in fun ways. If a gym routine is too boring for you, try enrolling in core-intensive classes like belly dancing, trapeze, or pole dancing. A workout won’t feel like such a drag when it involves an activity that you consider enjoyable. Before you know it, you’ll be showing off that sculpted midsection in no time!


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