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How to Flatten Your Tummy in 4 Weeks Without Exercises

How to Flatten Your Tummy in 4 Weeks Without Exercises

Apart from doing time-consuming cardio or repetitive exercise that bore you no end, there are effective ways to get a flatter midsection without working out. A large tummy can be the result of real fat lurking in between your gastrointestinal organs, or it can be due to bloating or water retention. Of course, belly fat is dangerous fat as it is linked to the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Flattening your middle isn’t only about physical beauty but also about being healthy. Here are surefire ways on how to flatten your tummy in 4 weeks without exercises.

  1.  Eat a high protein snack between 3 to 4 PM. A good option is a protein bar, some almonds, a piece of low fat cheese and a fruit to balance the flavors. According to Natasha Turner, a naturopathic doctor, the timing of this snack boosts your metabolism and balances your blood sugar. Due to the 5 to 6 hours between lunch and dinner, your blood sugar spikes and insulin pours into your bloodstream and automatically converts what you eat into abdominal fat.

    o, eating in between lunch and dinner prevents that sudden rush of insulin and keeps your blood sugar stable. Another tip is to eat every 3 to 4 hours.

  2. Ditch sugar. Sugar is the trigger for insulin. Once you remove it from your diet, you’ll have insulin conquered. The hormone glucagon takes its place, and it ultimately leads to the body breaking down stored fat in your tummy to use as fuel.

  3. Reduce your intake of salt and processed food. Water retention and tummy bloating could be due to too much salt in your diet. This includes processed food and condiments. According to Mayo Clinic, the main source of sodium in an average person’s diet comes from processed foods. Use natural sea salt or kosher salt instead of the traditional table salt as the former two have lower levels of sodium. Flavor your foods using aromatic or spicy herbs that give the same punch as salty condiments.

  4. Portion control matters. Don’t overload during your meals and snacks. You can use portion control plates to help you eat the right amounts at every meal.

  5. Consume whole grains, such as brown rice or oats. A study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that dieters who ate whole grains lost more belly fat than those who consumed refined grains. Additionally, your meals should also include monounsaturated fats. According to research people who eat whole grains and diets rich in MUFAs lost abdominal flab quickly.

  6. Load up on blueberries. Research has shown that a diet rich in this delicious berry reduced tummy flab. Add blueberries to your oats or cereals, salads or yogurt, or you can eat them on their own.

  7. Enjoy eggs guiltlessly. Eggs have the ability to trim your waistline too. Eat two a day to substitute a carb. Limit it to six or less a week however.

  8. Consume 1,200 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium every day. In a study, the University of Tennessee found that dieters consuming 1,200 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium experienced three times more abdominal fat loss than those who consumed the same calories but less calcium. Make sure to get calcium from healthy foods like milk.

  9. Enjoy your steak! Set aside 40% of your daily calories for protein. A study from Skidmore College found that those who ate this amount every day lost more tummy fat more than those who received only 15% of their calories from protein. Choose lean cuts, such as sirloin or tenderloin, and remove all visible fat.

  10. Hydrate. Banish belly bloat and fluid retention by replacing beverages loaded with sugar, caffeine and sodium with pure water. Drink a minimum of eight glasses daily.

  11. Manage your stress. Chronic stress causes the stress hormone cortisol to be continuously dumped into your bloodstream, which consequently causes fat buildup. A Yale University study discovered that women who are most stressed have wider waistlines. Doing yoga and other forms of meditation lower cortisol, so try to incorporate relaxation techniques into your routine. If you’re swamped with work, ask for help or delegate. Lastly, always get a good night’s sleep.

Now, stick to these rules on how to flatten your tummy in 4 weeks without exercise, and you’ll enjoy fitting better into your tops. Get ready for the beach or a poolside party!


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