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How to Fold a Handkerchief for a Suit Pocket

How to Fold a Handkerchief for a Suit Pocket

Formal events call for equally formal attire. If you're a man, this could mean not only wearing a suit and tie but also sporting an impeccably folded pocket handkerchief. If you're still not sure of your skills on how to fold a handkerchief for a suit pocket, take a look at these instructions to make five different ones. The pocket square: The easiest type of pocket handkerchief folding, the pocket square only requires a few steps.

  1. Fold the hankie in half and press it flat.

  2. Fold the fabric in half again, taking care to leave about half an inch sticking out at the edge. You can adjust this according to the depth of your suit jacket's pocket.

  3. Insert the handkerchief into your breast pocket so only about one half or a quarter of an inch of fabric shows. Smooth the exposed portion out so it lays flat and looks wrinkle-free.

  The one-point pocket square is another easy option.
  1. After smoothing out a handkerchief on a flat surface, take one corner of the material and fold it over to the one across so that it folds into a triangle shape.

    Smooth it out.

  2. Take the left and the right sides or corners of the triangle and fold them inward. Smooth it out with your hands or an iron for better result. Insert it into your pocket so only the top corner shows.

  If you want a classier hankie fold, make a two-point pocket square. Though a bit more unique, it is still easy to do and similar to the one-point square.
  1. Start with a flat hankie, folding it in half corner to corner so that the sides do not align and overlap.

  2. Fold inward both the left and right sides of the double triangle. Smooth it out. You can arrange the central triangles so that one tip is higher than the other one.

  3. Insert this folded square into your pocket so only the double triangle tips show.

  If you want a more casual hankie fold, do the puff fold.
  1. Lay your hankie flat and pick it up by pinching the center.

  2. Slide your free hand over the hankie and then let the pinched area puff up when you tuck the fabric into your breast pocket. The pointed, puffy end should be the only portion showing. You can tug it back up to emphasize the puff.

You can also do a reverse puff pocket hankie, which involves steps similar to the puff fold.
  1. Once again, pinch the middle portion of a handkerchief and lift it up.

  2. Wrap your free hand around the fabric and smooth it from the point where you are pinching it down to about two inches from the edges. Grasp the hankie firmly.

  3. Loosen your pinching hold on the hankie and fold the topmost portion nearly halfway down the length of the fluted handkerchief. Grab onto this fold, taking care to preserve the fluted effect at the ends of the fabric.

  4. Insert the hankie fold first into your breast pocket. The fluted ends of the hankie should be the only portion showing.

Before you practice how to fold a handkerchief for a suit pocket, iron it first so that it looks crisp and sleek. Make sure to pick one made of high quality materials so that it doesn't look cheap or compromise your overall look.


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