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How to Force Feed a Cat

How to Force Feed a Cat

Once your cat loses its appetite, you need to go to a veterinarian to seek some advice. Proper nutrition is the basic thing your cat needs in order to be healthy.  Aside from being knowledgeable about possible underlying diseases that need to be treated, you may need to know how to force feed a cat. Read on to know more:

  1. Get advice from the veterinarian. It is important to seek the help of a professional upon noticing lack of appetite. This way, you will know the cause of your pet’s illness. Veterinarians will give you more information and will show you proper procedures in feeding the cat. They can also prescribe medications when necessary and recommend food supplements to meet its required nutrition. Furthermore, cat feeding tools can also be purchased at the vet’s clinic. It’s wise to let the vet trim your pet’s claws, to protect yourself in case the cat struggles during feeding.

  2. Acquire the necessary equipment for feeding before leaving the vet. Purchase wet foods that are rich in protein.

    will help your cat progress quickly. You can buy this food from any pet shop or from your veterinarian. Also get a bowl, small bibs or cut up pieces of old towels.  You will need plenty of these.  Prepare another towel for wrapping around the cat during the feeding process. Don’t forget the syringe. It will help you measure the exact amount of food and induce food easily into the cat’s mouth.  Buy an extra syringe in case the cat bites and damages the original.

  3. Prepare the cat’s food yourself. Take enough wet food from the can and place it in the bowl. Add a small amount of water to have a smooth mixture.  Mix a small amount of olive oil so that you can thoroughly push the syringe inside the cat’s mouth. You may warm the food for a bit if necessary, but do not feed the cat with hot food.

  4. Begin the force-feeding procedure. Make sure that you are in a quiet area to do the feeding. A noisy and destructive area will not encourage your cat to be cooperative. Place everything you need on a table.  Measure an adequate amount of food for the first dose in the syringe.

  5. Gently pick the cat up and wrap the towel around its body. While doing this, talk to your cat softly to soothe it. Hold the cat’s jaw and gently lift it. Apply a little pressure while holding the jaw to forcedly open its mouth. Dip the tip of the syringe inside the cat’s mouth. The space under the side corner of its tongue is more accessible. Push the handle of the syringe gently to release the food mixture. Let the cat swallow its food and give it water to drink.

  6. Clean the cat’s mouth and paws using a wet towel after every feeding. Praise it to show your affection after feeding.

  7. Follow the vet’s advice for the feeding frequency. The cat needs small but numerous feedings. Exert more patience and time in providing for the needs of your cat. By doing so, you will help it regain its healthy condition.

Knowing how to force feed a cat is crucial when your pet is too sick to eat. Know that you can harm your cat if you don’t know the right way to perform this task. Know the basics at least.


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