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how to free up space on a hard drive

how to free up space on a hard drive

A hard drive, also known as a hard disk, is a random access digital magnetic data storage device that is commonly found in our computers. This simply means that the hard drive is responsible for the storage of all the things on your computer. Aside from the main processing unit, the hard drive is one of the most important parts of your computer. Like any other storage device, the hard drive also gets full, slowing down your computer. Therefore, anyone who owns a computer should know how to free up space on a hard drive. Although there are various compartments in a single hard drive, it works as a whole. According to experts, it is best to keep programs on a particular drive and keep files like documents and pictures on a different compartment or hard disk. This way, the processing of programs will not be affected by the size of the stored documents in storage. There are many ways you can free up your disk space. Here are some of them:

  1. Uninstall unnecessary programs. Programs, also known as software, are the ones that you are using when on a computer.

    These are the games, editing programs, writing programs and so on. These, if not regulated properly, can certainly eat up your storage space. Check the list of your programs and uninstall those that you aren't using.

  2. Another way to free up your disk space is to delete unnecessary files. Some of them are temporary Internet files that are found in your C Drive. Your computer collects these stored files every time you visit a website. Also, remove downloaded program files that you no longer need.

  3. Empty your Recycled Bin from time to time. These are back up files of the files that you have deleted.

  4. Move pictures, movies, videos and other documents to a separate hard drive. This will also enable you to secure these important files just in case something happens to your computer.

  5. Perform a disk cleanup. This automatically analyzes your existing hard drive to locate unnecessary files and folder. It also identifies programs that are not used at all. This option is under System Tools under the Accessories menu. Make it a habit to do this at least once every quarter.

  6. Another method is disk defragmentation. This process is used to merge files that are found in your hard drive. With this, files will tend to utilize a smaller disk space. This is also found under System Tools.

The disk space is very vital in maintaining hassle-free computer use. Cleaning it up and freeing it from unnecessary files will result to a smoother processing. Not only that, but this also prevents your computer from crashing due to too much storage. Therefore, it is very important to practice the steps on how to free up space on a hard drive. 


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