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How to French Braid Hair

How to French Braid Hair

French braiding is a classic hairstyling method that has never gone out of date. It’s neat and chic and goes just as well with a luscious gown as with daily wear. You can choose variations ranging from the basic French braid to princess-like French braid patterns. Note that it is challenging to do one on your own, but, with constant practice, it can be done. This hairstyle is ideal for a busy day because it stays in place all day long. You don’t have to brush it or restyle it. A French braid can be done on medium-length to long hair. Read on if you want to learn how to French braid hair:

  1. Begin by washing your hair clean. Dry it slightly using a hair blower. Comb it thoroughly to remove tangles. Apply mouse, gel or any hairstyling product that will make it shine. Once the hair is completely dry, you can start French braiding it. Do basic French braid if it’s your first time. You can advance to a more complicated technique when you’re used to doing French braids on your own hair. It is not hard to French braid another person once you have mastered the steps.

  2. Separate the section of your hair where you want the braid to start. This will typically be right after the bangs (if you have those) for a high braid or closer to the hairline if you want the braid to be a bit lower. Divide the separated section into three parts, making sure that they are apart from roots to tip. Hold the left and right section with your left and right index finger and the middle fingers leaving the center section to your other free fingers.

  3. To make the beginnings of a regular braid, cross the leftmost strand over the middle strands, slightly pulling the middle strands to replace the left strand. Do the same to the right strands and slightly pull them to the middle strands (that were previously on the left). Apply some pressure as you pull the strands to make the braid tight and uniform. This is not different from the usual weaving method where sections are alternately crossed into one another in an even pattern.

  4. Now add some hair from the right side of the head to the new rightmost strand using your right index finger. Cross this with the middle strand while grasping the leftmost strand with your pinkie then rotate your left hand so that you can grasp the rightmost strand. Shift the new rightmost strand to your right hand. Now do the same to the left side of the head. Add some hair to the leftmost strands and cross this again with the middle strand while grasping the rightmost strand with your right pinkie. Then rotate your right hand so that you can grasp the leftmost strand. Shift the new leftmost strand (that was previously the middle strand) from your right hand to your left.

  5. Continue French braiding using the same pattern until there is no more hair to add on the left and right side of your head. Braid the rest of your hair normally all the way down leaving approximately two to three inches. Close off the tip of the braid with a rubber band or hair clip to keep it intact.

  6. You have the option of tucking your French braid tip under the base of your braided hair or just letting it hang out. It is now done.

Learning how to French braid hair is not that hard after all. You just have to concentrate and give it a try. Use ribbons or colorful clips to seal your braid with a more cheerful look.


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