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how to gain weight and build muscle fast

how to gain weight and build muscle fast

Most people think that working out in the gym is all about losing weight. That’s not entirely true. Workouts have two-fold purposes - either to lose or to gain weight. If you’re aiming for the latter goal, you should follow these steps on how to gain weight and build muscle fast. There are people whose food metabolism activity works very fast. This means that even if they consume excessive amount of foods every day, their body will easily flush out the gained calories. Thus, they look skinny. In order to achieve a more balanced look, you have to do workouts to gain weight, not to lose weight. In that way, you can develop your muscles at the same time. Whether you are aiming to gain weight or lose weight, you have to look after your overall health condition. Matters such as increasing your strength are just the byproducts of being healthy. If you want physical balance in your body but you lack the necessary weight and muscles to achieve it, the following steps will serve as your guide.

  1. Consult a nutritionist.

    efore you start looking for a fitness gym and personal workout coach, seek first the opinion of a nutritionist. He or she will give you a diet plan that suits your goal of gaining weight and building muscle fast in the process.

  2. Workout in the fitness gym. You need the expertise of a personal coach and strength trainer. Your personal coach will tell you what to do and guide you in every step of the way. Your strength coach will focus on your weight lifting routines to promote the proper development of your muscles. You need these two people in order to achieve your goal.

  3. Consume unlimited proteins. You need to eat foods that are rich in protein. Protein is needed for the development of your muscles. Drink protein shakes, which may be mixed with other minerals and vitamins, to meet the demands of your body as you proceed with your workouts.

  4. Eat more carbohydrates but stay away from fats. Remember your objectives: to gain weight and to build muscle. During workouts, you need to have loads of carbohydrates and calories. Otherwise, you can end up losing weight. Stay away from fats, especially dairy products. Eat more root crops and green leafy vegetables.

  5. Eat properly. Eating properly means eating in accordance with your diet plan. It is advisable to eat smaller and healthy meals every two hours. Do not skip any of the three important meals of the day. Eat a full meal during breakfast. During lunch and dinner, eat lighter meals. This eating system will help boost your metabolism.

  6. Lift weights properly. Lifting weights does not mean lifting the workout tools indiscriminately. There is a proper way of using each tool. In addition, you have to observe proper body positioning while lifting weights in order to protect your body from any injury.

  7. Take healthy supplements. Many supplements work well in building muscles. Make sure to use non-steroidal supplements. As much as possible, consume supplements that are naturally-made to avoid harsh side effects.

  8. Keep yourself hydrated. Always rehydrate yourself. Dehydration can cause depletion of electrolytes in the body, which can affect your strength and stamina. Always have a bottle of mineralized water near you when you are working out. Follow your everyday liquid intake requirement as provided in your diet plan.

When all these techniques on how to gain weight and build muscle fast are followed, there is no doubt that your workout goals will be achieved. Remember, gaining weight and building muscles at the same time is different from losing weight and building muscles. Do not be confused with the two processes. Good luck!


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