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How to Get a Baby Bird to Eat

How to Get a Baby Bird to Eat

Baby birds, when newly weaned from the mother bird, are very fragile. They need constant care, especially regarding their feeding. How to get a baby bird to eat requires patience. Your progress can mean life or death to them. It will not be very easy, but with constant effort, they will eventually learn to eat on their own.  Read on for some important tips:

  1. Depending on the age of the baby bird, initiate feeding at once. For very young birds, prepare a dropper or a syringe. Learn to mix the bird food with water using the right dilution. Ask your local veterinarian for more information on this. You practically need to feed the baby birds using your hand. Open their beaks and pump in bird food gently.  Be careful not to choke them and be mindful of their reaction. Feeding should be a pleasant experience for them.

  2. As the birds age, encourage them to eat on their own.  Put in a bowl with seeds and another with water. You can skip a usual feeding session and observe if they are already capable of feeding on their own.

    still they cannot, then do it the usual way for the time being. It is important that they eat regularly to maintain good health and growth. Skipping a meal can make them weak and prone to diseases.

  3. Maintain a clean cage for your baby birds.  A dirty and crowded cage is not conducive to eating. You can do the feeding by hand in a secluded room to expose the young birds to a different environment sometimes. It is also good to keep more than one bird so they can learn from each other on eating on their own. Competition for food is also a motivation for them to become independent. Later on, feeding will be much easier as you can just put the bird food in their feeding bowl.  Do not forget to put in water in a separate bowl. If the bird food gets contaminated with their waste, throw it away immediately - wash the container and replace it.

  4. As the birds mature, experiment on giving them other kinds of bird foods to create variety.  If you started with seeds, try the pellet and granule types.  Consider the size of the granule - if it’s too big for the baby birds, break it into pieces.

  5. If you think that they do not have an appetite, consult a local vet on what to give them. Supplements or vitamins may be recommended. Be careful not to give them too much as that can also be harmful to their health. Care for them just like a baby, as they really need your nurturing to make them more mature. As the birds grow bigger, feeding becomes easier and more fun.

Birds are such a joy to keep as pets in your home.  Their sweet chirping sounds are therapeutic. As your pet birds grow bigger, consider moving them to a bigger cage.  Provide some toys or maybe a hanged bar for them to do their tricks. You will see they can get acrobatic at times, which is really entertaining and fun to watch. This is your reward for being patient with them and learning how to get a baby bird to eat.


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