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how to get a black girlfriend

how to get a black girlfriend

Black women are beautiful and they have distinctive qualities that are attractive to many men. If you are really fascinated by them, find out how to get a black girlfriend and see if you are up for the challenge. Regardless of the color of the girl you like, you still have to observe protocols that will make you successful in getting her – you just have to make little adjustments to catch the attention of a colored girl!

  1. Black girls are raised to wait for boys to approach them.  This is the nature of their courtship that must be respected. So, be a man and do the initial talking once you’ve seen her. Retain the politeness, respect and liveliness of your approach the same as when approaching other girls – but be a little bit more attentive to make her feel special.

  2. After a few encounters, you will already know if you would like to pursue her. Ask her out for a date. Be flexible with her wishes. Never bring up issues regarding cultural differences unless she does. Treat her like one of your own race – there’s not much difference really except the color of her skin.

    try to get to know the person that she is and allow her to do likewise.

  3. Don’t be a racist or you will be blocked off totally. You should not seek to date a black woman if you are racist in the first place. Never call her names, even just for fun. Be ready to embrace the black community when you are convinced that your place is beside a black woman. You better be sure when confirming this so as not to hurt anyone.

  4. Do not assume that she’s like any other black people in the movies or the majority that you’ve encountered. Get to know her as an individual. Find out what music, food or movies she likes. Learn something about African-American culture to understand her actions better. Never hesitate to ask when there’s something unclear to you or surprising in regards to how she does things.

  5. Do not make her feel insecure about her different looks. Try being the only white man among black people. You will immediately feel the awkwardness of the situation, unless you’ve known them already for quite some time. Be general when complimenting her. Do not immediately discuss the differences in hair, skin and body structure.

Learning how to get a black girlfriend is really very sensitive on how you behave when dealing with her. It must be an honor to you when a black girl falls in love with you – because black women typically like tough men. Remember that you are still in the early stage of dating. Imagine meeting your girlfriend’s parents, family and friends later on. Forget about physical attractions, you must also be captivated with her whole being if you go this far.


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