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How to Get a Boyfriend

How to Get a Boyfriend

Finding Mr. Right is part of every woman’s dream.  For who wouldn’t want to be in the arms of someone who can sweep you off your feet, protect you, and make you feel like you’re the most beautiful creature in this world?  Not everyone, however, is lucky enough to find a boyfriend so soon.  Some may have to work a little bit harder. These helpful tips will help you recognize where the potholes are in your love life and how you can skip them and find your way back to Cupid’s world.  And you’ll realize that how to get a boyfriend may not be as difficult as it may seem.

  1. Expose yourself.  Don’t dig yourself a hole in your office behind a stack of papers.  Potential boyfriends won’t be able to spot you.  Go out and meet people.  Don’t ever believe that Prince Charming will know where to find you.  They don’t just appear out of nowhere.  You’ve got to be out there for Mr. Right to notice you because searching for true love involves a lot of work.

    According to Jane Balmer, co-author of Make Your Luck Shine, you need to do your part.

    fate.  “Being lucky in love can be interpreted in many different ways.  You have to make a concerted effort to assist your love destiny.”  If you’re a working woman, you might just find Mr. Right in your workplace.  Despite your busy schedule, take time to know your male officemates.  Who knows one of them may actually be eyeing you.  But if you’re the type who doesn’t want to mix work with love, then find time to go out. 

  2. Change routine.  If your schedule’s getting too predictable and monotonous, well then it’s time to add some zest into it.  There are many ways to do this.  Instead of walking on a similar route every day, you may opt for a different way that will allow you to see different sights and people.  You may also sign up at a local gym instead of you working in your own treadmill at home.  You may also add some interesting activities in your schedule like a weekend travel, bar date with gal friends and indulging in sports.  How to get a boyfriend entails that you have to be a little bit more interesting and visible for guys to notice you.

  3. Be prepared at all times.  You will never know when or when you’ll meet someone who may give that much needed spark in your life, so always be ready.  Choose clothes that would make you look good and feel good.  Also think of an interesting conversation that may lead to a wonderful acquaintance.  You may keep on hand a set of business cards with your contact details, some interesting guy may want to know you better.

  4. Know what you’re looking for in a relationship.  Surveys conducted in the past show that about 75 percent of relationships fail because people just don’t know what they’re looking for.  And that about 70 percent of people compromised on their picture of an “ideal partner” to make their relationships work.  You may be one of those people who may have been in past relationships without really knowing why you’re in it and what you’re looking for.  So decide on what you want and then compromise.  If you are looking for financial security, then compromise on his looks.  If you a guy’s intelligence is of utmost importance to you, then compromise on his sporting prowess.  You’ve got to remember that there is no perfect guy out there.  Even if you get six out of 10 ideal traits in a guy, you’ve already hit a jackpot.

  5. Don’t come on too strong.  It’s alright to be honest about your need to be with someone, but don’t push it too much.  Guys may like it that you need them around you or when you want to be in control, but being too clingy and a control freak drives them away.  Being too clingy and yearning to be all-too-powerful in a relationship comes from a lack of self confidence or insecurity.

  6. Be confident.  Guys wouldn’t like a damsel-in-distress act from you all the time.  Sure, they would want to be the protector, the Prince Charming in your life.  But to see you often crying and sulking in a corner would turn them off.  Just give out more positive vibes to get some of those flowing in your direction.  It has been proven scientifically that negative thoughts drain our mind and body of energy and prevent the flow of self-confidence and self-esteem in our lives. Talk to yourself in a positive manner.  You can also boost your self-confidence by fixing your posture.  Men will find you more attractive when you carry yourself well.  Remember, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

  7. Unpack Emotional Baggage.  Failed relationships can break our hearts, but don’t let them ruin your chance of finding Mr. Right.  The more you allow emotional baggage to pile up, the harder it is to unload.  The important thing is that you’re acknowledging past hurts that have been weighing you down.

How to get a boyfriend may take time.  Don’t rush things.  In time, your Mr. Right will come along just as you’ve imagined.


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