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how to get a car loan with bad credit

how to get a car loan with bad credit

For many reasons other than the personal ones, some people need to have a good car of their own. Let us say, you are living in a rural area and you have your business downtown; it is very useful for you to have a car. This may not be too difficult if you have outstanding credit. But if not, then learning how to get a car loan with bad credit is to your advantage. If your credit is bad, being approved for any car loan can be a little harder. You see, most banks and other financial firms are quite strict in screening their clients just to make sure that each one of the applicants has good credit. Nevertheless, having a bad credit does not necessarily mean that you can’t get a car loan for yourself. There are still viable options you can venture into.

  1. Stay realistic. To stay within the realm of reality is very necessary so that you will not experience extreme frustration later on. As a car shopper with bad credit, you must not expect low interest rate, or believe that the lending bank will lend you a huge amount of money.

    As added security to many car dealers, they would normally require you to pay some high rate of interest and for a short duration.

  2. Find a good car dealership. The idea here is for you to engage in the services of a certain car dealership that specializes on bad credit financing for a car shopper like you. Although such a car dealership can possibly offer you some degree of flexibility on the down payment aspect, you are still likely be to subjected with higher charges and interest rates in comparison to other car shoppers with good credit standing. On the Internet, you are free to surf for various lending networks and compare their service offerings before contacting them.

  3. Make the biggest down payment possible. In most car dealerships, anyone with bad credit is usually required to put up a down payment as condition sine qua non either in cold cash or through the issuance of a check. Doing so is a good idea because it shows the bank and the car dealer your eagerness and willingness in paying off the car note regularly and on time. The smaller the amount you apply for, the better chance you have to obtain a loan.

  4. Prepare yourself to take on higher financing charges. In the event it becomes evident that you will really pay bigger financing charges and fees, even if your credit is poor, the proper attitude is to approach the lending bank and verify the option of refinancing your loan with much better rate. Your offer to refinance is when your credit standing becomes a lot better.

    The initial rate of interest may be alarming but don’t be carried away simply because you have bad credit. Often times, both the lending firm and the car dealership will help each other by placing you in a refinancing program, normally after a year or two, in which the interest charges is much easier to pay. When that time comes, that is your chance then to rebuild your credit status and make the most of it. Rebuild your credit to the highest level.

  5. Provide a co-maker or co-signer once you start applying for car loan. This will really enhance your chances of getting a favorable action from the lending bank. It is an advantage if the co-signer you bring is someone who has a good credit standing. Your biggest down payment possible plus a good co-signer, these two combined as one will surely convince the bank to approve your applied loan. Just make sure you let your co-signer understand that in the event you default in your payment, he or she may be held responsible for any obligation due to you. That is fair play.

Are you still wondering how to get a car loan with bad credit? Think no more because all that we have discussed is a sure-fire strategy. Good luck in finding the car of your dreams.


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