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how to get a first date

how to get a first date

You might be questioning yourself why you have not been dating lately after your last relationship that ended quite a while ago already. Now you’ve been wondering how to get a first date again hoping that it will lead to intimacy later on. Actually, there are no pointers on how to do this because men are made to pursue women whom they are attracted to. Here’s what you can do to make your quest feasible:

  1. Look attractive by observing proper grooming. Dress up appropriately and exude confidence without being boastful. Attraction is the first step towards a relationship, but it’s not the only basis, of course. It’s just easier to get to the next step when you’ve passed the first. The lady who is the subject of your attention can only notice your inner qualities if she has already laid her eyes on you and liked what she’s seen.

  2. You don’t have to change your style just to impress a girl. Just enhance it by paying attention to the condition of your wardrobe. Worn out areas and tears will not look good even if they are not too obvious.

    men are not likely to get a first date. You can be rugged as long as you don’t look dirty. Go shopping to see the latest trends. Try them on to check which ones fit you well. Make sure that you are comfortable in them, too.

  3. Work on your positive aura. Be like a magnet so that the girl you like will be attracted to you. Being approachable, easy to be with, and humorous are some traits that can’t be ignored. Your presence will no doubt be missed if you lighten the crowd with your pleasant attitudes or with your bubbly personality. Never act like every girl’s boyfriend, though, because the opposite sex will prefer to have exclusivity in her relationship with you. Treat the lady of your dreams more special than the rest to clearly show your interest.

  4. Work on your communication skills. Do not let your target keep on guessing what you want to do with her. You are obviously trying to be close, but you never formally asked her out. Say what you feel and express your intentions clearly. If you want to be just friends first with the girl, then say it. But if you are really attracted and feel that you will are a good match with her, then arrange the first date to be as romantic as possible.

  5. Be persistent but respectful. If the feeling is mutual and you seem like a decent guy, there’s no reason why you can’t be to first base in the courtship just like that. You may have a change of heart at some stage and decide to retreat from pursuing the girl, but at least you’ve been through the first date. Just make sure that no one will have a grudge against you by always being a gentleman and not taking advantage of a woman’s vulnerability. Always be sincere about your intentions and change of plans if there are any.

How to get a first date will be very challenging especially when you’ve been alone for a long period of time. Once you’ve broken the pattern, you will be more confident in your next pursuit. This time, really make sure that she’s the woman you want to have a long and lasting relationship with before making a romantic move. Going out with the company of other people first may help in getting to know the person really well. Enjoy the process and don’t rush the relationship.


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