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How to Get a Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach

Rock-hard, flat tummies are the envy of most people, if not everybody. However, for some, this seems like a very distant possibility, especially after many attempts to shed excess flab off their midsections and not succeeding. If you want to know how to get a flat stomach, it's essential that you understand the level of commitment and discipline involved in this goal. That's because perseverance and determination are essential in ensuring fitness success. Are you ready to get that flat tummy? Follow these tips:

  1. Make changes in your diet. Doing this can bring about significant changes in your body, although at the same time, it tests your resolve and self-restraint. Bear in mind that 90% of fat loss programs involve diet. With that, it is entirely possible to lose weight and that flabby layer off your stomach with minimal exercise as long as you eat right. However, you cannot possibly hope to lose an inch off your midsection, no matter how much you work out, if you eat large meal portions and foods that are sugary, salty, and greasy.

  2. To make the transition to healthy eating easier, go for healthier versions of the food that you enjoy.

    For example, if you're into pasta, go for noodles made of buckwheat, black bean, or squash. You can also go for shirataki or soba noodles. These alternatives are rich in fiber and protein.

  3. Your food plate must be colorful, which means it's filled with vegetables and fruits. If there is meat, it should not be steak-sized—a moderate portion, about the size of your fist, should be enough. Opt for chicken or fish instead of red meats. Or, you can go for small, lean cuts of beef or pork, if you really must have these.

  4. Avoid frying your food as this infuses more oil into your meals. Instead, grill, steam, or bake your food. For veggies, you can eat certain varieties raw or blanched. You can also juice your greens and fruits for a fiber-rich, nutritious drink. Rather than buy fruit juice at the supermarket, just make your own, so you get more pulp, and steer clear from calorific preservatives like sodium and sugar.

  5. Divide big meals into multiple smaller meals. Feeding your body frequently throughout the day keeps your metabolism burning, helping you burn fat effectively. Just make sure that the calorie content of your meals adds up to the recommended daily calorie intake for a person with your BMI.

  6. Make changes in your lifestyle. Aim to sleep early and avoid snacking late at night. If your work does call for some late nights, make sure you get about seven hours of sleep. On some days, when this is not possible, take power naps at certain periods of the day to make up for the lost shut-eye time.

  7. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they pack in the calories and won't do your tummy any favors. These can also make you feel bloated, which doesn't exactly help you flatten your stomach.

  8. Do aerobic and strengthening exercises. Run, swim, bike, or dance and complement these activities with muscle-enhancing workouts, such as lifting weights or doing body weight exercises like lunges, planks, step ups, burpees, and push ups. You'll need to increase your muscle mass, so you increase your body's capacity to burn fat even while you're at rest and also make it less likely to retain fat.

Give yourself about three months, depending on your fitness level, health condition, and age, to achieve this goal. Setting a timeframe on how to get a flat stomach helps you persevere in your tummy-toning goals.


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