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how to get a free converter box

how to get a free converter box

Once you know how to get a free converter box, you will not be bothered anymore with how to go along with the ongoing transition from analog-TV to the much more modern digital-TV. With a converter box, your analog television will now be able to access digital signals coming from the digital antenna. On the market, you will notice that most converters, especially HD-TV converters, are a little bit costly. But why should you spend your money if you can have your converter box for free? Let us see how.

  1. Get a government-sponsored converter coupon. The analog-to-digital TV transition in the US started in the year 2009. With it, the US government has offered to help its constituents to get converter coupons, especially those families operating on a tighter monthly budget.

    Just visit the government’s website and navigate to the page containing the “Apply for a coupon” box. In the space provided for “Your name and address” correctly key in your complete name and complete home address as required.

    he option box saying "The US Postal Service does not deliver mail to my home address" is applicable to you, then make sure to check it. Proceed to the “TV service” part and select the corresponding phrase which accurately illustrates your household.

    In the “Coupons requested” portion, enter the coupon numbers you would like, to a maximum of 2 coupons. Below that is the “Signature” box, which you have to check to signify that you have correctly completed the earlier sections. Of course, to ensure that you are a human applicant, you need to enter the provided CAPTCHA phrases. If the given CAPTCHA is a little unreadable, you can either click on the megaphone tab to hear it out loud or click the arrow tool to generate another CAPTCHA. Lastly, hit the “Submit” button for your converter coupon.

  2. Get a converter box free voucher. If you cannot get a converter coupon from the government, you can still procure one in the form of a rebate once you buy a converter box from any of the selected and accredited retail outlets. Hence, you have to visit a retail store selling converter boxes, such as Target or Best Buy. Find a converter box for sale and look at the bottom, then copy the address of the manufacturer’s website provided.

    On the Internet, log into the manufacturer’s website and carefully study the information provided about the rebate voucher applicable to the sale of the converter box. Then go back to the retail store and buy the converter box for which the private manufacturer is giving out rebate vouchers. Back on the manufacturer’s site; enter the required rebate data as well as the serial number of the converter box, where you bought it, and when you made the purchase. Don’t forget to also key in your name, address and telephone number as requested.

    Once you have your rebate voucher, corresponding to the amount paid for your converter box, deposit it to your bank account.

  3. No converter coupon is needed for senior citizens. Whether you yourself are a senior citizen or you know a senior citizen, to get free converter box no longer requires a coupon. Most senior citizens have very limited incomes, and so, converter boxes are generally given to them for free.

    Visit the website of the Denny TV-Antenna, and then send your email to the given address to request your free converter box. If there is one in stock, it will be ready for shipping to your address. Most of the boxes being given for free are donations from people who have bought new TV sets or from families who have switched to cable TV. This being the case, you cannot actually specify in your request the box model you would like to have.

If you simply refuse to purchase one for yourself because you have not enough money, then any of the ideas above on how to get a free converter box should work for you. If you know a senior citizen in the neighborhood, you can share with them what we have just discussed. In that way, you can generate more friends out there.


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