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how to get a girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend

In these days when casual intimacy is treated like a disposable rag, and the ratio of females versus males being lopsided, you would think that a girlfriend is easy to find. But it isn’t so. Things are not that easy. Nevertheless, finding a partner to love and share life with is one of the highest and genuine accomplishments of life.  This is why we all continue to make the effort. So any advice on how to get a girlfriend would really come handy. Here are some.

  1. Know yourself well enough to know for sure what kind of woman is most compatible for you. Sure, opposites do attract, but there’s a limit to that sort of attraction. And this is not to say that you judge a woman by the cover. What it means is you should know yourself enough so that you know what to look for in a girlfriend, and you won’t have to waste your energy on those who are not right for you. Have a “standard” and stay close to it.

  2. Meet people. Not just girls, but people in general. Spend time with people whose families you admire, whose interests you share, whose habits you are comfortable with.

    will get you closer to meeting a girl whose family, interests, and habits more closely match your own. And people know people. Having many friends and acquaintances will improve the chances that one of them will introduce you to the girl of your dreams.

  3. Develop a winning personality. Learn how to talk easily with people. This is one benefit of being involved with activities and events where people converge – it gives you something interesting to talk about, and allow for easy conversational openings. Be neat and present yourself well; girls are more attracted to guys with good hygiene and who respect themselves enough to make an effort at their appearance.

  4. Be courteous and gentlemanly. Some women dislike men opening doors and pulling out chairs for them. But unless you are sure, err on the side of chivalry. Whether a woman is 16 or 60, there’s a greater possibility that being treated well by a gentleman will make her swoon. Make a habit of this, too, not just for that special someone, but for other females as well. You never know when a girl you are mere buddies with has a sister or a best friend (all girls have best friends) who’s single, and there’s nothing girls love more than pairing up their friends with guys they know will be good for them.

  5. When you meet someone you like, get to know her well before making a move. Sometimes you know within minutes of the first meeting whether or not you or a girl has chemistry. At other times, a relationship develops over time. But chemistry isn’t all there is to a relationship. Go back to your “standard” and see if pursuing the relationship will be worth your while.

  6. Be the guy. As you start going on dates and spend more time together, make her feel that she is cherished, protected, and understood in your company. Lead without dominating. Care without suffocating. Pursue without surrendering. Be extravagant in your affection, not necessarily in a sexual way. Be genuine in your actions. Be the guy she can turn, relate and get accustomed to. Few women are immune to that.

Much of the advice on how to get a girlfriend usually center on finding one as quick as possible. But like planting a tree, all good growth is slow growth. Finding the right girlfriend for you takes time and careful nurturing. And the harvest depends on how well you work to be ready for it when it comes.


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