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How to get a girlfriend in college

How to get a girlfriend in college

You are already a late bloomer as far as courtship is concerned when you reach college and still do not have a girlfriend. Being in a relationship with a woman is the only real time to get to know more about them. How to get a girlfriend in college is a natural thing to do when you are also in school. Just be ready to learn about the opposing characters of males and females. You should devote your time to pursuing a girl that you really like. Do not be too accommodating to all interested parties because no girl wants to have a boyfriend who acts too flirtatiously. They need to feel special. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Get involved with her schedule. Being a part of her daily activities can immediately make you a part of her life, even if you are still in the friendly stage.

  2. Aside from routine activities, plan for some special events that you two can join. This is to find out the chemistry between the both of you. This will also add to the excitement.

  3. You can have many competitors, especially when she’s really a good catch – but you’ll have the winning edge if she’s spending quality time with you.

    can easily invest emotionally when you are the one who’s always there during her ups and downs. When she becomes more trusting, let her get to know your friends and your interests.

  4. Make her the center of your affection during your special events. This will show your intention of being more than just friends. This will surely be a flattering experience for her if the feeling is mutual. If she resisted it in a major way, she’s not interested at all, so you should back off at this point.

  5. Observe if she is willing to spend some time in helping you out in areas where you have difficulties. This is to check if she also cares for you.

  6. Be intimate with her by asking her out on a romantic date. When she gives in, you’re on your way to the next step. Ask her if she can be your girlfriend. If she’s positive about it, a kiss is not bad to confirm the union.

How to get a girlfriend in college is a time consuming effort, but it should not feel that way if you are really in love. You will minimize the risk of rejection when you give ample time for the girl to get to know you more - giving you the chance of winning the heart of your dream girl.


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