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how to get a girlfriend in high school

how to get a girlfriend in high school

It is human nature to find a mate when a person reaches puberty. How to get a girlfriend in high school should not be overly difficult. It’s just a matter of finding the right girl who will also like you. You do not have to pretend to be somebody else to be popular, unless you are planning to get as many girlfriends as you can. Once you’ve decided that you only want to have one girlfriend in high school, you can try these techniques:

  1. If you want somebody to like you, be likeable! Improve your grooming, show your positive qualities and be sociable. Show your talents and be active in your choice of volunteer works in school. This will introduce you to like-minded girls.

  2. Based on the saying “shallow waters are noisy”, refrain from talking just for the sake of it. You will be more attractive if you are a little mysterious. Be sharp when you open your mouth, even if you seldom do it. Be seen by all means, but never make noise just to get attention. Nurture your talents. Compete in public speaking if you are good at it.

  3. Once you’ve found someone that you really like, start studying her nature. Watch her moves without being so obvious. It will only take a short while for you to find a chance of initiating conversation with her in a very natural way. Be very friendly. Do not come on too strong. Good relationships start from friendship.

  4. If the subject of your attention does not show any interest in being friends with you, move on to the next prospect. Do not force the issue with someone you don’t even know. Do not be bitter. Keep your distance politely and still be friendly when you happen to meet her somewhere else. You should not create a bad reputation because it can hamper your next objective. Be a good sport.

  5. Do not compromise on this girl just because she’s one of the hottest girls on the campus. You might be obliged to take her for all the wrong reasons. Be with someone that rocks your world. Someone that you really admire as a person. It’s a big plus when she’s giving you goose bumps when you’re around her. This seldom happens, so when you do find her, don’t waste time in making your proper moves.

How to get a girlfriend in high school is exciting. Do not show your desperation to your circle of friends. The news can travel very quickly and that will serve as a signal to girls that you are desperate indeed. They will think that you are not likeable at all, without giving you the chance to show the real you.


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