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How to Get a Golden Tan

How to Get a Golden Tan

Decades ago, the only way to get a nice golden tan was to roast in the sun. Sure, there were also tanning products that gave your skin some color without having to expose yourself to harmful UV rays, but unfortunately, they looked really fake. Rather than proudly sporting a bronzed goddess look, those self-tanners turned people into various shades of orange or auburn. Not good at all. Luckily, bronzing products and self-tanning lotions have made amazing leaps of progress since then. If you would like to know how to get a golden tan, read on. We share three different methods that will definitely get you glowing.

  1. Tanning in the sun or in a tanning bed is definitely bad for the skin, but there are ways to minimize the damage. First of all, even if you intend to tan, you should never skip using sunscreen. Contrary to what many people think, using sunscreen will not prevent your skin from getting any darker; it will only help filter out some of the UV rays that promote skin burning and premature aging. If you naturally have medium to dark skin tones, then your sunscreen can go as low as SPF 15; if you are light or fair skinned, stick to at least 30.

  2. Give your skin time to adjust to sun exposure. At the start, only let yourself sunbathe for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, gradually increasing to an hour or two. The best time to tan is between the hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. if you want to be golden rather than just darker. As soon as you notice any redness or burning, move indoors right away.

  3. If you would rather not go out in the sun, you can try self-tanning lotions or a DIY scrub that will give you a beautiful caramel tint. There are many self-tanners being sold out there, and some of the brands in the mid-range are quite good. When using a new brand of self-tanning product, test it on a small patch of skin first, preferably somewhere that can be easily covered with clothing. Follow instructions faithfully and take note that tanning lotions can permanently stain fabrics and surfaces.

  4. Finally, if you would rather not spend too much money on your tan, you can go the DIY route by making your own tanning scrub. All you need is a cup of fresh, warm coffee grounds and a cup of olive oil. Combine the two ingredients together and let the mixture sit for about five minutes.

  5. While waiting for the coffee grounds to finish soaking in the olive oil, line your bathroom with some newspaper. This will make clean-up much easier. You may also want to put on a pair of disposable gloves to protect your palms from getting stained.

  6. Apply the coffee and olive oil mixture to your skin and scrub it in. Pay special attention to the parts of the body that you would really like to get more tanned, like your thighs or upper arms. You will see how the coffee grounds are leaving a slight stain on your skin. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

  7. Use lukewarm water to rinse the scrub off. You will notice that your skin has turned more golden from the coffee, while the olive oil has left it silky smooth. You can do this three times a week to deepen your tan into an even more gorgeous color. As an added bonus, this process could also help improve the appearance of cellulite, since coffee can break down the fat deposits right beneath the skin when combined with massaging motions.

No matter which method you choose, always make sure that you have exfoliated your skin before tanning. Patches of dry skin will tend to take tans more deeply, which will only give you an uneven look. Keep your skin well-moisturized to make the tan look even better. Now that you know how to get a golden tan, you can always sport a sun-kissed look, even during colder weather.


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