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how to get a guy to marry you

how to get a guy to marry you

Looking for a guy to date is one thing and stepping toward marriage is another thing. Both are important steps on how to get a guy to marry you. While dating does not always end up with marriage, marriage must always start in dating. Learn that marriage is more than dating, courtship, and friendship. The relationship is a combination of love, honesty, and intimate dedication. Most men are longing to have a lifetime relationship and eventually build a family. For a number of women, they must employ effective tips to persuade men to propose for marriage. Read on below for the applicable tips.

  1. Love yourself first. If you cannot love yourself, do not expect that others will do it for you. Loving yourself doesn’t only mean you have to look good physically; more importantly, you have to seriously value and respect yourself as a woman. Keep your dignity and self-esteem.

  2. Don’t talk about getting married. Avoid telling your date bluntly that you want to get married.

    ust tell him spontaneously that you are looking for the right man to settle down with. This should come out from your mouth instinctively. It is a matter of discreetly sending him a message that you are inclined to settling down in the near future. In effect, that will make him ponder whether to propose for marriage or not.

  3. Don’t pressure him. When it comes to important decisions in life like getting married, men are not used to being pressured or held by the neck. You are not supposed to make him feel that you are forcing him to come up with a decision. You may give direct and indirect hints based on your actuations, but don’t overdo them.

  4. Stay interesting and intriguing. If you have been together for quite some time already, his interest in you must not decline. Make your personality and wits intriguing by discussing topics of general interest such as politics, business, and finances. You do not have to be an expert in any of the issues; your point is to make him realize that you have the intelligence.

  5. Stay attractive. Physical attraction should always be there in his eyes. Make yourself always fit and adoring. Do not forget that one of the reasons why he fell in love with you is because of physical attraction. Exercise daily and eat healthy foods. Use effective and all-natural beauty enhancement products.

  6. Be independent and financially smart. Men will more likely propose to a woman who knows how to generate income and does not depend on someone for a living. Don’t forget that men would want to settle down not only for love, but to build a stable family as well. Thus, you have to show him that you are determined and capable of raising a family without depending on other persons, particularly your parents.

  7. Learn how to cook. They said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This saying is still very true. Make sure that you know how cook healthy foods. Make him realize that by the time you get married, he and his kids will always have something tasty and delicious to eat every meal hour. Being able to prepare his favorite dishes is a good starting point to impress him further.

Other than your good qualities, character, and personality, you must know other techniques on how to get a guy to marry you. Carry yourself with confidence and make him feel that you are a good catch. Persuading him to marry you in the most subtle way is a good move. Once you are able to make him realize that are you are indeed valuable, he will never let go of you.


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