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how to get a job as a receptionist

how to get a job as a receptionist

Whether you have previous working experience or it is your first time applying for work, knowing how to get a job as a receptionist is helpful when you’re hunting for employment to become a receptionist. To be the front liner of any company will require dedication and skills. Companies will be looking for someone who can represent them well. A receptionist job is more than just answering the phone. There are many other important duties and responsibilities of a receptionist. As a receptionist, you must be well acquainted with the sectors of the office so you can connect any call to the proper department. At some point, you will also be asked to organize telephone conference calls and schedule travel arrangements and meetings. You also should be knowledgeable of basic information concerning the company in case inquires arise. There are instances that a receptionist will be asked to do clerical tasks like encoding business letters. Sometimes, a little bit of bookkeeping is going to be asked of you, depending on the size of the company. If these tasks are not done right, there could be serious chaos.

Having said all this, here are ways to get a job as a receptionist:

  1. It will be advantageous, though not a requirement, to have a degree in a secretarial course. However, if you are aiming for big companies, you will need to have a certain advantage in your educational background.  They will look for people with a degree that is relevant to the receptionist job.

  2. Knowledge of computers will also be beneficial. Make sure that you know the basics of operating a computer, especially the Microsoft applications. You will be working in front of the computer the entire day, making appointments, encoding and other tasks. It is only practical that you possess these skills.

  3. For some companies, especially those that have frequent foreign visitors, bilingual employees are indispensible. If you know more than one language, stress this during your interview to improve your chances of employment.

  4. Receptionists are needed in a variety of fields. Apply for a job in a field that interests you. For example, if you’re interested in healthcare, you can apply as a receptionist in a medical institution. If you have a great interest in fashion, you can also apply to a related company. You will relate better to the job if you have an inclination to the services they provide.

  5. Work on your language and communication skills. Since you are going to be taking many calls from clients or customers, having good communication skills will be beneficial. You will also be the first person visitors meet. Being able to communicate effectively is a must.

  6. Prepare your resume and print it. You have the option to mail, email or personally hand it to someone at the company. It’s better to apply at companies that are actively searching for help.

  7. Once you are called for an interview, be prepared and do your homework. Research the company, know the duties of a receptionist by heart and be prepared to enumerate your skills to match the responsibilities of the job. Always come to the interview at least 15 minutes earlier and bring a hard copy of your resume.

  8. Dressing the part of a receptionist is also helpful. Be professional in dressing up. Wear the right make-up and put on the right necktie. Know the basic dos and don’ts in corporate dressing. Make sure that you groom yourself well, from your hair to your fingernails to your toes.

These tips on how to get a job as a receptionist are here to guide you. It is still up to you to set the goal and prepare yourself for the job. Be confident and show them that you can manage the job.


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