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how to get a job as a waiter

how to get a job as a waiter

The food business is one tough industry. Waiters are on the front lines, which gives them a big responsibility in keeping the business in good shape. This job may be ideal for specific people for many reasons.  If you don’t know how to get a job as a waiter but are interested in the position, this guide can help you. Waiting tables is not an easy job. It requires your physical, mental and emotional preparedness. On very busy days, you will be juggling orders and keeping the costumers happy. However, your hard work will be rewarded in tips.

  1. Prepare your resume and start hunting for “help wanted” signs in restaurants, coffee shops or hotels. Make your resume comprehensible, but ensure that it will stand out. There will be a lot of competition.

  2. It is also a good idea to hand your resume to the hiring manager, especially during off peak time. Find ways to see the manager in person .You can check out his or her schedule to ensure availability. Make sure that when you do this, you are ready for a possible on the spot interview.

    should dress accordingly and be very pleasant.

  3. If you have no experience whatsoever, apply to a small cafe. Big restaurants are not for beginners unless you first apply as a host, which can be your stepping-stone. Gain as much experience as you can in smaller establishments and learn from them. Soon, you can go higher and aim for the bigger ones.

  4. In the food industry, customer service is very important. On your resume or during the interview, describe any experience wherein you have practiced customer service. Be prepared to cite your experiences and provide examples.

  5. It’s also vital to learn about the food and drinks the restaurant serves. If you are applying in a coffee shop, get a better overview of the different varieties of coffee – dark coffee, cappuccino, espresso, flavored coffee and many others. If you are interested in an Italian restaurant, know the menu -- from pasta to pizza, from appetizers to main courses.

  6. If you are aiming for a fine dining establishment, make sure that you recognize the various types of utensils and their uses. The same is true with the different types of glasses, plates and all the elements seen in a fine dining. Make sure that you also know proper dining etiquette. When applying, pay extra attention to your clothes and hair. You must be able to represent the restaurant.

  7. Fine tune your communication skills. You will be welcoming the costumers and getting orders from them. You also will be the one to give their food, clear the table and get the payment. In doing all these tasks, you should converse with them. Be cheerful, polite and mindful of their needs. Depending on the instructions of the manger, you might even be discussing the menu thoroughly.

  8. Presence of mind is also one trait you need. You will be handling more than one table. On a smaller scale, you might even be handling them all. You should be able get the right order, serve the right food at the right time to the right costumers. On top of that, you will collect the payment and give the change. Do all these things while still being friendly to multiple customers.

  9. Once you are called for an interview, get ready for the day. Prepare your business attire ahead of time. Look neat, presentable and professional. You not only need to prepare physically, but make sure that you know important facts about the establishment. Be there 15 minutes before the set time. Show the manger that you have the characteristics of a good waiter.

These tips on how to get a job as a waiter are guidelines, but in the end, it’s your personality that can get you the job. If you have the right attitude, the proper knowledge and the willingness to learn, you just might land the job!


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