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how to get a man to date you

how to get a man to date you

During teenage years, boys and girls start to appreciate each other. They learn to develop friendships and other special relations. When they become adults, they learn more about how to go out on a date. For most men, they are usually attracted to what they see and like beautiful and sexy girls. For most women, they usually like men that have an excellent sense of humor. But, do you know exactly how to get a man to date you? If not, then read on below for the most useful tips.

  1. Know his character. If you are looking for a mere date, you can skip this step. But, for reasons of safety and prudence, it is better to initially know the character of the man. Is he a gambler, someone who has a criminal record, or someone who has a history of physically hurting others? Where is he working? What is his job? These are crucial questions which must be answered first before you can proceed in convincing him to take you out on a date.

  2. Research about his likes and dislikes.

    You can talk to his friends regarding his personality, the things that he likes about women, the foods he usually eats, his hobbies, etc. You can also visit his account on social media sites, if any, and read his personal profile. With these initial steps, you are now equipped with some of the needed information in your plan to convince him to date you.

  3. Be a friend to him. There are plenty of ways in starting out to become friends. Keep your confidence so you can establish strong and friendly relations with him. Make him recognize you by getting into his circle of friends. Be a friend to him in the most professional way, not by being a desperate stalker.

  4. Talk to him. Once your friendship is already in place, you can validly invite him to a simple talk just to know him better. While in the conversation, show your humor and sense of fun. Make sure you laugh at his jokes too. In short, engage into a healthy conversation. Don’t forget to establish eye contact. Be yourself and feel comfortable.

  5. Impress him. You have to look gorgeous with oozing self-confidence from the way you dress down to the way you talk. Every time you see each other, project the sweetest of your smiles and initiate cordial greetings. Be unique and make yourself stand out from other women flirting around him.

  6. Secretly ask him for a date. Secrecy is very important on this matter. Before you ask him, tell him that his personality is not only fascinating, but also worth knowing. Make him guess why you want him so bad. Make him expect something better about you. Your invitation must be personal to the two of you. In other words, don’t announce it in front of others.

  7. Always have the initiative. Men are easily impressed with women who are gutsy and full of initiatives. Show your resourcefulness. If you are well-versed in writing poems, capitalize on that by composing a few lines for him. Attraction is not limited to physical looks. Men also admire witty and smart girls.

Asking a man to take you out on a date may seem unusual, but it happens. Actually, some women believe that it is alright. However, the better way to do it is to find a way on how to get a man to date you without devaluing yourself. Honestly, to get the man of your dreams, all it takes is a little of your sheer guts.


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