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how to get a man to love you

how to get a man to love you

You have the looks, the attitude, and the intellect, but you don’t know why you are so unlucky in love. It’s not that you can’t have a boyfriend. In fact, you had some relationships that all end up in you finding out that the men you were involved with were not really into you. How to get a man to love you has been in your thoughts all this time, and you are very determined to do what it takes for that special man to be head-over-heels in love with you. Review the following tips and analyze your past actions. This can surely influence your future:

  1. Wait for your man to fall in love deeply with you before you open up your heart to him. Never initiate discussions about commitment because this can make him think that you are too anxious to tie him down. No man wants to have a desperate girlfriend.

  2. Men are born chasers. They will not see the value of something that they did not pursue to have. Be nice to him, but try to avoid him as much as possible. Do not give in easily to an exclusive date.


  3. Men tend to fall in love with women who are on top of their pedestal. This is someone that they must try very hard to catch her attention. They will feel that you are too precious to let go of if you are not easy to get.

  4. He might try to test you when you are already going steady with him by deliberately driving you nuts just to have the opportunity to leave you and see if you are up for the chase. Don’t give him the satisfaction he already expects. Let him go as he pleases and do not make it easy for him to come back into your life.

  5. Don’t take him seriously in the beginning unless you are convinced that he is true to you. Women normally prove their trust in their boyfriend just to show their devotion. Be different. Do not surrender yourself to him just like that. Have your own set of friends to go out with. Just don’t rely on him.

  6. If the man really cares about you, he can’t bear to go for two months without seeing you. Give him the time of his life to check himself out for that period without contacting him at all. If you don’t hear from him after couple of months, be happy for the good riddance.

  7. Do not feel threatened when your man is talking to other gorgeous women. He really made it a point to do that to check if he has the right one. Jealousies are signs of insecurities, so you know what to do.

  8. As much as possible, don’t play games. But if he brings it upon you, be ready with your graceful acts. If he’s giving a hint he wants to date other women, do not stop him. Instead, give him some pointers to be successful in his quest.

How to get a man to love you; is really nothing other than to make yourself worth pursuing. It is not enough to be adorable. Be valuable in his sight, and that will make him do anything just to be with you. It’s sometimes bizarre to suppress your feelings for a long time, or for you to admit that you love him too, but this is for your long-term love life. Give it a try and welcome true love into your world.


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