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how to get a man to want you

how to get a man to want you

There are likeable personalities as well as hated ones – so attraction is not limited to the outside appearance, but the whole well-being of a person. We often wonder why a very handsome guy is head over hills in love with an ugly girl. How to get a man to want you is not all about physical image, but it has to start somewhere, along those lines. Find out more tricks to captivate him when the man of your dreams is looking the other way – away from you:

  1. Beauty exists in every person. We all have assets as far as physical features are concerned. Nurture your assets and be confident with what you have and be humble with them at the same time. You might not have kissable lips but perhaps your eyes are sparkling beautifully.

  2. Being hygienic is the strongest attraction. Nobody wants to go closer to a woman with bad underarm odors. In addition, develop a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercises. No need to be a health buff, but as long as you are comfortable with your body, you’re getting there.


  3. Don’t be serious all the time. Develop a sense of humor that is uniquely you. If you really don’t have it, don’t force the issue. Just be sensitive to what’s happening around you. Read more or listen to the daily news to be informed. Knowledge can make you sharper.

  4. Do not share gossip with the man you want to attract. This will give him a bad impression of you. Answer his questions sensibly and respectfully so that he can see your good sides.

  5. Be vocal in appreciating his qualities, but don’t over-do it. Men want to be appreciated, but he will sense when you are just trying to impress him. Be honest.

  6. Support him with his hobbies. Never try to compete with them for his time. Learn to love them too, even if you have difficulties. At least you are not trying to deprive him of what he wants.

  7. Make him miss you. Being available for him all the time will give him the impression that you are not worth pursuing. Never make the first move. It’s his job. If you want to be treated like a princess, act like one. It has nothing to do with your status – it has more to do with the choices you make in life. Make him prove that he is worth your time and attention.

The above tactics on how to get a man to want you might not always work. People are not always compatible. Despite that, it pays to be patient. Never lower your standards.


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